Volunteers Make the Difference!

Since the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club (GHSC) was incorporated in 1947, it has been offering shooting sports and related activities at very reasonable costs. Our club’s rich heritage and success has been made possible through the volunteer efforts of our awesome members. Without volunteers the cost of membership and every club activity would be far greater. In fact, without volunteers, many activities would completely cease to exist!

Meet some of our volunteers…

We all have families, jobs, and a multitude of other demands on our time that sometimes makes us think it would be nearly impossible to volunteer. But, think about this…each and every one of us joined GHSC to enjoy one or more of the activities it offers. No one joined just to have someplace to volunteer his or her time and expertise. We volunteer for a variety of reasons. Some volunteer because they enjoy a particular activity so much that they want to be sure it will continue to be available, and at a reasonable cost. Some members volunteer simply because they believe it is the right thing to do. Some volunteer because they enjoy spending time with other club members. And others, well others just because they want to help out – give something back to an organization that makes so many activities available for us to enjoy. But let’s be honest, everyone that volunteers would probably rather be shooting!

Agreed, our lives are already busy, and sometimes it seems like there just isn’t enough time to go around. How about this. If each of us comes to the club once a week to enjoy an activity what if we volunteered every once in a while, perhaps once a month to support that activity? It’s really not impossible to find time to volunteer.

But What Can I DO?

Some may be able to volunteer once a month. Others may only be able to volunteer occasionally. Some may only be available evenings. Some only on weekends. Most all activities require some training or introduction. Training needs vary. Be assured, we’ll provide whatever is necessary to enable you to volunteer.

There’s plenty to go around, and chances are – there’s something to do that accommodates your availability and expertise. Here are some examples:

Kitchen Staff – The kitchen is open every Thursday night. It’s also opened for special events and occasions. It’s ALWAYS staffed by volunteers.

Sunday Trap – GHSC offers Trap Shooting every Sunday. It’s ALWAYS staffed by one or more volunteers who fulfill the duties of Range Officer and administrator, and attends to the traps for the day.

Sunday Five-Stand – Five-Stand is also available on Sundays. A volunteer too, ALWAYS staffs it.

Rifle & Pistol Range – The Rifle and Pistol Range is open five days a week. It’s ALWAYS staffed with volunteers.

There’s more…

Perhaps you’re interested in helping out in other ways that do not require a definite schedule commitment. We also need volunteers in the following categories:

WORK PARTIES – Every now and again a work party is formed for a particular task. It may be to cut back undergrowth along our property fence, to clean up the highway along the road in front of the club, or for spring-cleaning, painting, pressure washing, minor repairs, etc.

SCOREKEEPERS – There’s always a need for scorekeepers for each shooting event the club entertains. Whether you’re participating in the event and volunteer as a scorekeeper afterwards – or just volunteer to be scorekeeper, we can use your help.

SPECIAL EVENTS – It takes the effort of many volunteers to make club events both fun and successful. Perhaps you could help out?

SPECIAL SKILL – Perhaps you have a special skill related to our sport or the running of our club and would like to teach others, or offer your special talents.

INSTRUCTOR – Would you like to help out with our Firearms Safety courses?

Like to work alone or at a special time? We even have something for you.

TRAP HOUSEKEEPING – A broom, dustpan and brush is all that’s required here. If you like to shoot trap, and really appreciate not having the traps break down or throw a lot of broken clays – this is a way to help. We’ll be sure to get you familiar with your way around the trap houses.

GARDENING – Like gardening? We can accommodate your passion.

We Need You!

It’s plain to see that there’s a lot to do. ALL of these tasks – and more – are staffed completely with volunteers. Just think what membership and activities would cost if the club needed to pay someone to do all, or just some, of these things.

Volunteers make the club work, and the truth is we NEED MORE of you to volunteer.

What’s In It For Me?

•    When you volunteer, you help ensure that the club will be able to continue offering the activities you enjoy at GHSC. Your participation will help keep costs down, which in turn enables the club to keep membership and activity costs down.

•    When we volunteer, we ensure that there will always be a Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club!

•    And, you can also get more of what you enjoy at no cost! Here’s how…

  •  Each time you volunteer for and work on a designated club task of 4 hours or more, you can receive one credit on a Volunteer Card when verified by the respective activity chairperson.

  •  When all 12 boxes on the Volunteer Card have been verified, the Volunteer card can be redeemed for:

  1. Annual Membership
  2. One Trap Punchcard
  3. One Five-Stand Punchcard


How Do I Volunteer?

If there’s a particular way that you’d like to volunteer, please contact us today!  You’ll be glad you did.

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Mission Statement

“To provide a facility and organization that safely, enjoyably, and economically allows our members, guests, and our community to participate in the shooting sports and fellowship of the Club.”