Rifle/Pistol Safety Orientation Information & Video

Rifle/Pistol Safety Orientations are conducted during regular business hours, up to an hour before closing.  

Our goal is to assist you in successful SAFE firearms handling.  You will be required to show your proficiency at the end of instruction. You must qualify to pass.

If you are unfamiliar with firearms handling we suggest you first attend one of the classes offered by the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club; either ‘Basic Handgun Safety‘ and/or the ‘NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Training‘ prior to taking the orientation.

Bring your eye and ear protection, along with an easy-to-shoot firearm.   Suggested as examples would be a 22 caliber pistol, a 38 with at least a 4″ barrel, or a 9 millimeter or 40 caliber handgun, large enough to fit your hand.  For rifles, suggested as examples would be a 22, 270 or 30 caliber rifle.

Firearms to avoid would include large caliber firearms and handguns that are very small and difficult to handle.

Please Note: The schedule may be delayed or cancelled due to range utilization and administrator availability. 

It is also suggested that you view the orientation video.