Rifle & Pistol Range

Orientations are offered during our rifle & pistol range hours at the rifle & pistol range. That said, please know that orientation availability at the rifle & pistol range is dependent on staffing availability, so if there is not enough staff to cover both the range and orientations, orientations will not be possible. Please keep in mind that our range is run by volunteers….an amazing group of volunteers at that, however there are times when there are not enough volunteers to go around. 

After watching the safety orientation video and taking a short multiple choice test you will be required to shoot five rounds to show you can safely handle your firearm.  Please bring with you the firearm you plan to use to qualify.  An easy-to-shoot firearm is recommended.  If you qualify with a pistol, you will have passed orientation for both rifle and pistol.  However, if you qualify using a rifle, you will be qualified for only rifle, not rifle and pistol, so qualifying with a pistol is preferable.


Please see the Homepage for Hours of Operation.

Please Note: Last check in is 45 minutes before closing. All shooting stops 10 minutes prior to closing time.


Members $6.00

Non-Members $20.00

Active Military $6.00

Active Washington State Law Enforcement Officers and WCCW  $6.00

Under 18 $4.00

Guests of Members $10.00

Sunday Clay Competition $10.00

Members: Please bring your membership card for each visit. If you don’t have a current membership card for the Range Office to see, you will be charged the non-member price and reimbursed when you provide a current card to the Range Officer.

Age Restriction

Permission to shoot at the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club venue is at the discretion of the Range Officer.  We encourage participants of all ages, but those incapable of handling the equipment in a safe and sane manner will not be allowed on the firing line.  Anyone under the age of 18 must be supervised by a parent or designated adult.

Safety Rules

Click to watch the Rifle/Pistol Safety Orientation Video

You will be required to comply with all range safety rules at all times.  If in doubt, ask the Range Officer on duty.


You will be required to sign-in, in doing so agreeing to abide by the directives of the Range Officer as well as all range rules, listed below.

Everyone must wear eye and ear protection at all times when the range is clear to fire.

Always Keep the muzzle of your firearm pointed in a safe direction

  • All firearms will be pointed directly down range when on the firing line.
  • All firearms will be unloaded, actions locked open, magazines removed, and cylinders or loading gates open at all times except when the shooter is on the firing line and the range is clear to fire.
  • Only one firearm is permitted on the firing line bench at a time.  Properly store additional  equipment and firearms on the shelves under the bench or in the booth.
  • Long guns must be unloaded and stored in the gun racks with actions open when not in use.   Break action  firearms should be racked in a case if possible.  If not  have a range officer check them before racking them .  At all other times the action must be open.
  • Fully-automatic firearms are prohibited at Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club.  Shotguns ARE allowed but are restricted to shooting slugs at the 25-yard rifle targets.  Air rifles are also allowed on the rifle side.  ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FIREARM UNLOADED UNTIL READY TO SHOOT.  ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER UNTIL READY TO SHOOT.
  • Load no more than five (5) rounds at a time  in center fire rifle or pistol magazines during normal range hours.   No more than ten (10 ) rounds in rim fire magazines.
  • Holstered firearms may only be removed when the line is clear to fire and the shooter is on the firing line and in position to shoot.  The muzzle must be pointed down range when removing the firearm.  Removal of firearms from shoulder or cross draw holsters is strictly forbidden at all times.
  • Handgunners: Acquire your target by coming up from the low gun position, not coming down from the high gun position.
  • The range officer will initiate a cease fire by ringing the cease fire bell, turning on the cease fire light and announcing “cease fire”.  The range  officers will then check the firing line for safety.  Only after doing so will they give permission to proceed down range to check and change targets.
  • During a cease fire do not handle any firearms, magazines, or  ammunition.  Do not cross the firing line for any reason until the line is clear to fire.
  • Firearms that cannot be cleared and made safe should remain at the range until made safe, even if necessitating outside help. No one shall discharge a firearm they are not physically capable of operating safely on their own.  Tutoring is permitted. The range officer will have complete discretion in such matters.
  • Each shooter can only fire at an appropriate paper target(s) not exceeding a nominal dimension of 14” x 14” mounted on the provided target frame.  Target frame must be positioned within the shooting lane for the corresponding firing position. All shots must impact the target. Consistent missing may necessitate moving the target closer, slowing rate of fire or getting instructions.  The range officer will exercise their discretion in such matters.
  • Drawing from holster, hip shooting or any other form of un-aimed shooting is forbidden. 
  • Muzzle loader shooters must abide by all additional safety rules provided on a separate  sheet.
  • You can use only one shooting station at a time.  During heavy usage, you may be limited to one hour of shooting time.
  • Absolutely no drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products are permitted.  Shooters suspected of being under the influence will be barred from the facility.

No Armor Piercing Ammunition Allowed

Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club has a zero tolerance policy regarding the use of armor piercing ammunition.  Any person found using such on club grounds will be immediately ejected from the grounds and referred to the Board for further action, up to and including revocation of  membership, as applicable.

Black Powder Safety

  • Only use black powder or black powder substitutes in your muzzle loader.
  • Use the proper granulation of black powder for your muzzle loader.
  • Never pour black powder or black powder substitutes directly into a muzzle loader from a powder horn, flask, or storage container.
  • Keep all containers of black powder or black powder substitutes closed at all times except when filling your powder measure.
  • Be sure your projectile is seated firmly against your charge.
  • When charging keep the muzzle away from your face or other body parts.
  • Wait at least 30 seconds before removing a muzzle loader from the bench if you experience a hangfire or misfire.  (Keep the muzzle pointed down range)
  • When firing black powder revolvers be sure to coat barrel end of each individual chamber in the cylinder with Crisco or grease to prevent a chain fire.
  • Use a marked ramrod to determine if your muzzle loader is loaded or not.
  • Do not leave the range with a charged muzzle loader.  If it will not discharge the range as a CO2 discharger for your use.
  • Remember black powder is an explosive.  Handle it with extreme care at all times and enjoy your shooting.

Think and act in a safe manner.

The continued enjoyment of shooting sports depends upon YOU!

Safety of persons using the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club facilities and our neighbors is an absolute.  Decisions made by the range officer are final and not open to further discussion.

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Mission Statement

“To provide a facility and organization that safely, enjoyably, and economically allows our members, guests, and our community to participate in the shooting sports and fellowship of the Club.”