Rifle & Pistol Range Improvements

Fear no more being too cold to enjoy shooting rifle and/or pistol on rainy, Pacific Northwest winter days.  Our new heaters will keep you toasty warm, while still allowing you to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors.

Standing under our fabulous new heaters with a wet hat creates all kinds of fun. Where else could one go to see a steaming hat, giving a whole new meaning to “Hot Head”!

In addition to the heaters you’ll see other new improvements as well, including fresh, new paint spiffing up the walls.  Not just any ole’ paint job, either.  Two-tone with chair-rail moulding being added.  It is looking fabulous.  Many thanks to the hard work of our priceless volunteers!

Stay tuned as this is just the beginning.  There are plenty more improvements in the works for down the road. 

So, when the sun is nowhere to be found, come on out to the rifle & pistol range and experience a new element of fun shooting in warmth under our new heaters at the newly spiffed up, and ever-evolving, rifle & pistol range.

October 2017

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“To provide a facility and organization that safely, enjoyably, and economically allows our members, guests, and our community to participate in the shooting sports and fellowship of the Club.”