Richard Soulam Vice President

I am sure I have less experience with shooting sports than most Board members. I was born and spent my childhood in New York City, actually da Bronx. The only deer nearby were in the Bronx Zoo and the zoo didn’t allow hunting. I escaped to the West Coast as soon as I could.

I attended college in California. Being on my own with no money, I knew I needed to study something to make me employable. So, naturally I majored in Philosophy. That plan didn’t work out. Upon graduation, I expected to be drafted immediately. The idea of being in the Army, living in a tent and eating C rations didn’t appeal. And I liked airplanes so I joined the Air Force.

One of the first things they didwas to teach me how to fire a Smith & Wesson 38, the first firearm I ever handled. I managed to qualify with it only after my instructor fired six rounds into my target to give me enough points to qualify. A couple of years later, the Air Force was kind enough to send me to Vietnam where I started out living in a tent, eating C rations. Go figure. There goes another plan. They also decided I needed a relationship so they gave me an M16 to sleep with.


After that delightful experience, I got confused and spent about 33 years in the Air Force.

Surprisingly for a military guy, I rarely shot. After I retired from all of my work, my wife and I moved to Gig Harbor. I discovered the Sportsman’s Club and decided it might be fun to shoot occasionally. However, I tried the Pistol Clay competition and got addicted. Pistols started spontaneously appearing in my storage cabinets. Reloading equipment and supplies reproduced themselves in my garage. I was spending enough time at the Club that a friend suggested I become a Range Officer.

Now I am trying to learn which end of a shotgun the pellets come from and shopping for more storage for the inevitable appearance of hordes of shotguns and associated gadgetry.

I Co-chair the Rifle-Pistol range with my very patient partner, Dan McGrew. I am the newest member of the Board and intend to do what I can to continue the success of our club. And to enjoy my senior years with as much dignity as I can muster.

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Mission Statement

“To provide a facility and organization that safely, enjoyably, and economically allows our members, guests, and our community to participate in the shooting sports and fellowship of the Club.”