Range Orientation & Safety Briefing


As you’ve heard, in May of 2013, we implemented a Range Orientation and Safety Briefing requirement for all range users. The orientation is not about your firearm, rather it’s about the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club range safety rules, protocols, what is expected of everyone that uses our rifle, pistol, or shotgun ranges, as well as being able demonstrate proper handling and operation of a firearm.  Annual members were required to be totally phased in by May 2014. All life members were grandfathered through June 2014 – after which time they too, must have completed the orientation in order to use the range.

Many of our life members have already completed the orientation and many have learned something from it. Yet others ask, “Why me”, citing their years of firearms’ experience and range usage. The simple answer is – “For your safety” and the safety of others. We respect and cherish our life members, and many are quite accomplished in both firearms handling, as well as, range protocols. But, unfortunately, our experience has made us realize that this is not always the case. This requirement was implemented with the unanimous approval of your Board of Directors.

Click to watch the Rifle/Pistol Safety Orientation Video.