Range Orientation Safety Briefing


The Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club requires the Range Orientation Safety Briefing for all users of the Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Ranges. This requirement is to ensure that everyone who uses the range knows the rules and what is expected of them, in continuing to keep the range safe for ourselves, other users of the range, and the community.

All new members are required to complete the Orientation before they will be permitted to use any of the shooting ranges.

Existing annual and life members are required to satisfy the Orientation in order to be admitted to the range.

Non-members will not be permitted range access unless they have satisfied the Orientation.

The Orientation process will include:

  • Range Safety and Protocols Briefing for the respective range.
  • Agreeing to (signing) a liability waiver and declaration acknowledging your responsibility as a range user
  • Providing a valid Driver’s License or alternative picture ID
  • Passing a twenty question multiple choice/true-false test for the respective range.
  • Demonstrating proper range protocols and safe firearms handling.
  • For the Rifle & Pistol Range demonstrating the ability to place your shots “on the paper” from 20 feet on the pistol range or 25 yards on the rifle range (if you do not intend to shoot pistols).

Individuals under 18 need not attend as they will still be required to have direct supervision from a “qualified” parent or designated adult – but are welcome to attend with a parent. They will not receive “credit” for their attendance though, as they cannot legally sign the declaration.

At the Rifle & Pistol Range, members may still bring guests, but they will require direct supervision by the member.

There is no orientation fee for existing club members or those who join the Club at the time they go through orientation. Non-members are charged a $10.00 fee.

Please view the Safety Orientation video before coming to the Rifle/Pistol range for your orientation.

Rifle, pistol and shotgun orientation times end approximately an hour prior to the range closing. 

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