New Pistol Clay Competition Match Director, Julie Bickford

Meet Julie Bickford, the new Sunday Pistol Clay Competition Match Director.

Julie joined the club and took the beginner handgun class in 2014. 

After finishing the handgun class Julie and her father came to the range for the first time and heard the buzz about the pistol clay shoot. They decided to watch the fun. The group talked Julie and her dad into giving it a shot.  Julie says, “I remember thinking ‘I hope I can break at least one clay!’”  

Not only did she break 1, she broke her first 5 out of 5 clays!!! That was just the beginning of Julie’s continued success as an amazing shot. 

After the fun of the first competition, the clay shoot became a weekly event. 

Julie earned her first perfect score of 50/50 two months after graduating the beginner handgun class, being the first woman ever to break a perfect score at the competition! 

Since then, Julie has won 3 Top Gun awards.

Julie is now in the process of becoming an instructor for the beginning handgun class (which she loves!), and has recently become a Range Officer at the rifle & pistol range.

She is also going to fill some very big shoes, taking over Match Director duties from Rich Soulam for the Sunday pistol competition. Rich has his own special way of making things extra fun, so Julie’s got her work cut out for her! 

Julie says, “I am so glad I found the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club and got to meet the great people that are involved in it!”

Come on down to the rifle & pistol range and meet Julie and some of our other incredible volunteers who work hard to keep the range running.

October, 2017

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