Gordon Hauschild – Board Member

I have been a member of the club for only a few years, and started out shooting only on the rifle and pistol ranges. This was familiar to me, being a Marine Corps veteran and competitive shooter. But a couple of years ago, I thought I’d give trap a real try. With the help of several friendly and generous trap veterans (Pete, Scott, Madison), I found that I really liked the challenge of the shotgun side.

Last year I took the Range Officer class, and that gives me another excuse to be at the range on the weekends. I’ve met a lot of the other members and found them to be helpful, friendly and just good people. I’d like to help the club continue to be a place where shooting sports and friendships come together, and members and guests can enjoy a safe, first-class facility. With all of the changes happening at the club, and the growth of the Gig Harbor community, the challenges involved in coexisting with a community that may or may not understand our sport will continue and increase. Most of all, though, my focus will be on serving the membership, and improving the things that are important to you so that every member participates more in our activities.