Annual Meeting & Elections

Thursday, October 13, 2022 at 6:00P.M.

Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club Clubhouse

Annual Election Following Meeting Recess – Approximately 7:00P.M.

Please plan on attending the 2022 annual meeting and election.

In preparation for this year’s election, the call for nominations was officially closed at the board of directors meeting on Tuesday, July 19, 2022. Thank you to all who participated.

Positions up for election in 2022 are the office of the treasurer, the office of membership secretary, and 4 director positions. The treasurer and membership secretary are both 2-year terms. The 4 director positions consist of three 3-year positions and one 1-year position. The 1-year position is to fill a vacancy (Aaron Smith).

Candidates receiving the three highest number of votes for the director positions will fill the 3-year terms, the 4th highest vote recipient will fill the 1-year term.

Candidates whose names will be printed on the ballot, in alphabetical order by last name, are as follows:


Dick Barnes (Incumbent)


Angela Heinsbergen (Incumbent)


Ric Bornheimer (Incumbent)

John Cheyney (Incumbent)

Mary Jordan

Bill Morris

Mark Pickerill

JB Shattuck (Incumbent)

Raymond Yates

In addition to those printed on the ballot, nominations from the floor will take place at the annual meeting. These will be write-in candidates. Anyone choosing to take part as a candidate, whose name is not already on the ballot, can self-nominate at the appropriate time at the annual meeting.

If a member is nominated from the floor by another member, the individual nominated must be present, and accept the nomination, or, in their absence, have given prior written, signed consent accepting the nomination. The signed, written consent must be given to the presiding officer at the annual meeting.

All candidates, nominators and those nominated must be members in good standing for at least 12 months.

Once nominations from the floor have concluded, all candidates will be given an opportunity to address those in attendance at the annual meeting. A time limit for speaking will be specified.


Eligible members in good standing as of August 8, 2022 can participate in the voting process two ways; in person at the annual meeting, or via absentee ballot.


Once the annual meeting business has concluded, and all candidates have had an opportunity to speak, the annual meeting will go into recess. At that time the polls will open. We anticipate that will be approximately 7:00P.M.

The polls will close 1 hour after the annual meeting recesses, or at 8:00P.M., whichever is later. Members currently at the registration table, or in line to register at that time will be allowed to register and vote.

At the registration table you will be asked to show a current government issued photo ID (drivers license or ID card), unless you are personally known by the election committee member doing the registering. Once you have registered and signed the roster you will be given a ballot.

After completing your ballot, fold and place your ballot in the ballot box.


You may vote via absentee ballot if you choose to do so. In that case you must contact the Membership Secretary, Angela Heinsbergen at to request an absentee ballot or ballots (1 for single membership, up to 2 for family memberships). This request must be made no later than October 3, 2022. All absentee ballots must be returned by USPS no later than October 10, 2022.

You may also hand carry your absentee ballot to the annual meeting. In that case, turn in your ballot at the registration table after registering and signing the roster. If you are using the security envelope that was mailed to you, each envelope may NOT contain more than one ballot. If more than one ballot is found inside a security envelope all ballots inside will be disqualified. Members may only turn in their own and/or the ballot of the second adult on record for a family membership. No other person is allowed to turn in another person’s ballot. If one person is turning in both family ballots be sure to sign the roster in 2 places, one per name.


Upon the closing of the polls all ballots will be counted/tallied. This process will take place inside the archery building and will be open for observation to anyone who wishes to observe, space willing. Anyone observing must remain quiet and non-disruptive during the counting process. If questions arise, they will be addressed after counting is complete, and before the results are finalized.

Once the counting process is finalized, the annual meeting will reconvene, the results will be announced, and the annual meeting will adjourn.


The bylaws prohibit voting by proxy.

To see candidates photos and self-provided biographical information please scroll down.

Thank you in advance for participating in this important annual event.

Buck Buchanan, Teresa Rebo, George Flaherty, Bruce Macdonald, Le Rodenberg

The Election Committee




Date:  August 8, 2022

To GHSC Members – Rescheduling of Annual meeting and Elections

RE:  Action following investigation of improper electioneering

I am writing amid our lovely shooting weather to let everyone know the Club Board and its officers were asked to consider whether reported instances of member solicitations and printed recommendations for candidate slates were violations of Club policy and guidance to all candidates involved in the upcoming Board elections. Affording all candidates, the opportunity to demonstrate fact-based opinions and concerns is the touchstone of an election that assures fairness and continued operations in the Club’s best interests. Electioneering use of Club sponsored programs, resources, or distribution of election-directed materials on common club property distracts from Member’s expressed independent judgments, privacy, and desired shooting experiences. All candidates currently and in the past are advised of Board resolutions giving priority to Member privacy and shooting experiences by keeping Club property free from electioneering. Candidate Bios and issue statements are always available on the Club website or by request to candidates.

On Wednesday night August 3, the Board met at my request, in executive session, to consider candidate and member electioneering alleged to be damaging and divisive to the substance and fairness of the scheduled August 18th Board elections. Of particular concern were verified instances of direct electioneering by a Board Candidate on Club property coupled to printed materials distributed by the candidate and/or a supporter that tied absentee ballot requests to promoting a particular slate of candidates inferred to support one of the Club’s shooting venues (the “Blue Ticket missteps”).

All Board members were present, verification of what took place was provided. Discussion and debate were more than vigorous. Following proper motion, second and with Board members facing election abstaining, I report the Board passed the following resolution:

The candidate actions (related above) reflect a material compromise and improper solicitation of absentee ballots; difficult to address or unwind absent an opportunity for members to obtain absentee ballots without reference to the improperly distributed materials and connected candidate electioneering. The Board therefore approves the following actions:

  1. The Membership Secretary, with Board assistance and direction, shall provide all members requesting absentee ballots, a copy of this notification along with an absentee ballot form listing all Board candidates.
  1. Absentee Ballots received prior to the date of the Secretary’s re-notice as directed above shall be voided and destroyed. (Members will need to request a new absentee ballot after receiving this notice.)
  1. The Board shall organize and provide member notice of a scheduled opportunity to meet and discuss Club issues with all interested candidates, at the club location (ex. Pavilion) on August 18, at 6pm. (This event will be in place of the previously scheduled Annual meeting and Elections)
  1. The Board Annual Meeting and election shall be rescheduled for October 13, at 6 pm to accomplish the Board approved remedial steps above.

During this meet and greet event on August 18, 6pm, and up to elections I would encourage all members to educate ourselves on issues facing the club, financial and otherwise, to help us make a sound decision on our choice of candidates to support. The club’s future and even its continued existence is dependent upon making sound judgements. Explore and satisfy for ourselves on which candidates are knowledgeable on the issues and which candidates we have the most confidence in when it comes to addressing those issues.

Thank you to all who brought these election concerns to the Board’s attention. Thanks to all candidates whose Club support we enjoy. Through the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club, organized as a private non-profit corporation, we share a historic facility. Your Board and officers urge the need to re-focus on common interests enjoying and promoting all shooting and archery interests.

Respectfully Submitted on behalf of the GHSC Board of Directors

Terry Holm

GHSC President

Candidates and Bios:

Dick Barnes (Incumbent)

I am an NRA Life Member, lifetime shooting enthusiast, and proud to be an officer at GHSC.  I spent 15 years starting, managing, then selling my own companies, and the last 30 years helping others do the same. One truth I’ve learned is that bookkeeping should be done in a simple, straight-forward, and easy-to-understand fashion with financial reports simple enough that anyone can understand them.  In my several years as Treasurer of GHSC it has been my goal to keep it simple; as simplicity equals transparency in financial reporting.

Something else I’ve learned as Treasurer is just how important volunteers are at GHSC. The fact is, without our range officers, board members, kitchen crew, and work parties we would not have this facility and this club. If you are a member who has not yet joined us in a Saturday work party or other function, we would love to have you do so.  Don’t be shy…you’ll have fun and meet new people, and help keep GHSC a fun and safe place to practice our shooting sports.

Angela Heinsbergen (Incumbent)

I have been a member of the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club for 5 years. I volunteer as a Range Officer at the Rifle and Pistol range and coach the Handgun Safety Class. I enjoy shooting at all 3 venues the club has available.  I’m not as good in some venues as others.  

I have had the honor of being the Membership Secretary for the past few years. I enjoy meeting new members and making new friends in my roll as Membership Secretary. It’s a rewarding job and I have felt the appreciation of the members and Board members.  In my previous career I was a Record’s Manager for a law enforcement agency.  This has made it easy for me to be able to manage the club’s membership, website and correspondence.

Ric Bornheimer (Incumbent)

Greetings fellow sportsman.

I have been a member of the GHSC for 10 plus years and have been on the board of directors thanks to your faithful support for five. I enjoy the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and shooting sports. As a Range Officer, safety is my utmost priority. Many of you may also know me as “the cook and or chief bottle washer” on various Thursday eves.

Being a resident of Gig Harbor for over 20 years, this town and organization is dear to me and my family. All aspects and decisions are personal, and careful consideration as a vote on the board, must have you, the members, best interest at hand.

This term, my priorities will be focused on the safety, longevity, unity, education, and overall fun that all of you deserve to have at this wonderful facility. I would be honored to serve on your behalf, for another three-year term on the board.

Kind Regards, Ric

John Cheyney (Incumbent)

I was born and raised in Gig Harbor and have been around the club for as long as I can remember. My dad brought me to the club over 50 years ago when I was very young. As a youth I took hunter’s education in the clubhouse in 1974. Since that time my best friend and I began to shooting trap off and on and now we are both competitive trap shooters and enjoy the R/P range whenever we can. After years of being (along with my daughter) an annual family member, I eventually became life member in 1996, as she did once she turned 18. My daughter and I started volunteering at the club many years ago by flipping burgers on Thursday evenings, cooking breakfast at special events, and working construction projects. I became the Construction Committee Chairman about 15 years ago, planning, building many projects such as helping design and build the Rifle Range bullet trap and the original overhead baffle system. I helped design and led volunteers on the construction of the picnic pavilion, the recent remodel of the Archery building/rifle-pistol bathroom, the full club house kitchen renovation, various roof replacements, repairing the shot curtain where we spend 3-4 days every year in a lift replacing worn panels, and many other smaller jobs. I also co-chair four of the biggest events at the club: The Ducks Unlimited Fun Shoot, the Mike Levanger Memorial Turkey Shoot, and two PITA trap tournaments; the Tax Refund PITA Tournament in April and 50-year-old PITA Seafood Shoot held September, which is the largest club event of the year. Outside the club, I love spending time duck hunting with my daughter and friends. I have been a Ducks Unlimited member for the last 30 years and have chaired, co-chaired, and helped run the Gig Harbor Chapter Ducks Unlimited Banquet for several years. I also enjoy spending my time with friends and family fishing for salmon and steelhead. Over the years the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club has been a big part of my life. I have made many friends who have become like family to me, and I like seeing them every time I am at the club. I feel it is important to make all new members feel welcome at the club. I enjoy serving on the Board and feel that my knowledge of the history of the club, my respect for those that came before us, and my years in construction management all help me make sound policy and fiduciarily responsible decisions. I feel my contributions have been an integral part of helping the club gain the reputation within the community that the GHSC is an asset to the community. I want to continue in my Board position to help ensure that the club will be here for future generations and provide a safe and enjoyable shooting environment.

Mary Jordan

As an independent I will represent and support all club members in the best interest for our Club.

I’ve been a GHSC Member since 2009 and a Club Officer, Recording Secretary from 2010 – 2014. Organize and Co-Chair GHSC Swap Meet. 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022.

I am responsible for Registration of Students and collection of tuition for GHSC Handgun Classes – current and ongoing.  I’ve been a Rifle and Pistol Range Officer since 2012. I support and participate in the Sunday Pistol Clay Shoots – current and ongoing.

I am an avid shooter and reload my ammunition. I am a former Small Business Owner and a Hobby Farmer.

Our Club is at a crossroad with many differing opinions and objectives. My experience as a small business owner, club knowledge, and passion for the club, position me to provide a valuable perspective and contribution working together in the best interest of the entire club. I would appreciate your vote.

Bill Morris

I’m Bill Morris and would appreciate your support for election to the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club Board of Directors. 

Many of you know me thru my volunteer activities with the club, but thought to share some more about me as what my background, education and experiences would bring to the leadership team of this great club

Over my life’s travels, I have been a member of non-profit boards and executive councils, but in many ways have preferred to be “worker bee” – which is what I’ve been since joining the club.

  • 20-year Hunter Education Instructor – past 5 years part of the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club Team
  • Range Master/Range Officer at GHSC Rifle Pistol Range since 2016
  • Archery Range Officer since 2021
  • Fledgling Trap Shooter – June 2022 (Thanks to the Trap folks who finally taught me how to overcome my right eye dominant/left-handed dilemma)
  • Participated in various GHSC projects to include maintaining hunter ed field course and painting of archery facility
  • NRA Life member since 1983, RMEF (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation) Member

I ask for your support as I feel the calling to do more. I believe, I can, with my background and experience, contribute more to the club as a Board Member.

I commit to the membership that I will work for you:

  • To sustain the great traditions of the GHSC
  • To always making sure range safety is paramount
  • To embrace the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of a Board Member
  • To always have an open ear to your suggestions for club improvements.

I am also fully committed to working with all venues, Shotgun, Rifle/Pistol, and Archery, while on the board, as we truly are stronger and better as one united team.

As we celebrate our 75th Anniversary, I hope that my contributions can enable us to allow future generations to enjoy the shooting sports and hunting traditions provided by the club.

Originally from New Hampshire – the “Live Free or Die” state, I enlisted in the U.S. Army when I was 19 years old yearning to go West.  My first duty station was Ft. Carson, CO and I was hooked on the West, but only spent 18 months there before going to Germany.

Although only planning on doing a four-year hitch, the Army offered me the chance to spend another three years in Cocoa Beach, Florida (Patrick AFB/Cape Canaveral AFS), which worked out to be a great three-year honeymoon for my wife and I (just coming up on our 39th anniversary), as well as the opportunity to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

After three years on the beach, my commander said “SSG Morris you should go to OCS and become an officer”.  I had mixed thoughts initially, but took the bait with the condition that I only wanted to go Armor/Cavalry or Infantry…

All kidding aside, I ended up doing 20 years in the Army with my best times in Armor and Cavalry – ten different moves, multiple trips to the Mojave Desert and one six month all expenses paid trip to Mogadishu Somalia.  Along the way, we had three great kids, all grown now – the youngest is a K9 handler in the USAF.

The Army kept offering me great assignments with best for last – in the Pacific NW, which we all call home now.

I then worked just over 22 years in leadership positions in the Electronics Manufacturing, Grocery Distribution and most recently in Paper Manufacturing (Simpson/Westrock in Tacoma) Industries.

Just over two years ago, I decided to hang my spurs up and finally retire – and ever since, have been busy doing projects for my wife as well as getting more involved in the community.

While working, I continued my education to include a Master of Science in Operations Management, and have taken numerous OSHA, Security and Logistics specific courses as I was heavily involved in Safety as wells as Security and Logistics operations.

We discovered Gig Harbor after taking my last job and shortly after moving in several years ago, I found the true “gem” of Gig Harbor, our club, and joined up.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Mark Pickerill

I would appreciate your Vote to represent the Club and All its members in the shooting sports; Shotgun,
Pistol, Rifle and Archery. To see that the club is maintained and operated in a safe manner. I also see the opportunity to expand the club Archery Program, for both target archers and bowhunters and to see the Club membership expand to other members of the community.


  • Married, Father, Navy Veteran
  • Architect, Contractor – Design/Build, Construction Manager
  • Past Rotary Club Member Bainbridge Island

Club Contribution

  • GHSC Member since 2019 and GHSC Pistol/Rifle Range Officer since 2022
  • GHSC Archery Co-Chair and Range Officer
    In the last six months we have updated the targets and bows for the Archery Program to better help Archers and Bowhunters in the club, and have started improvements on the Meet/Archery Building.
  • I also volunteered to complete as-builts of the Clubhouse, Pistol/Rifle Range and Archery Building, to assist the club in getting more accurate valuation of the club facility replacement cost and adequate insurance.


I support all the venues of the club, maintaining and updating where needed for the safety and health of the club members and guests.

I also believe there is the opportunity to expand Archery Program, which is not limited by the firearm restrictions for hours of use, for interested Club Members, the community youth, adults.

This summer we are providing a practice range for Olympic style archery competitors at the state, regional and national level, and would like to add 3d archery in the woods to the east, a field range with targets for practice by compound, traditional, and adaptive archers, and work to obtain grants to assist in these areas.

I would appreciate your support and vote

JB Shattuck (Incumbent)

I was born and raised in the Adirondack Mountain region of up-state New York.  Hunting, fishing, and shooting are a way of life that I have always enjoyed.  I have been an NRA member since the age of 14 and a Life Member for over 40 years.

In 1984, I enlisted in the United States Navy.  I have been on 10 deployments, was stationed abroad and retired after 20 years of service, all while raising a family and being married for nearly 30 years.  (God willing, she’ll continue to agree to be my Bride…)

I am currently a Life Member of the GHSC and very active in club sponsored functions, both in work parties and fundraising events for the community.

For GHSC, I serve as the Trap Chairman, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, GHSC Range Master and GHSC Trap Range Officer Instructor.  Under these qualifications, I have written, developed and implemented our current shotgun orientation course.

While serving as a Board Member, I have been directly involved with the approval of and worked on, many of our club improvements.  Including, but not limited to:

  • Shot Screen continued maintenance, upkeep, and replacement.
  • Meet Shack door and window improvements providing for Rifle-Pistol Orientation and Training
  • Main Clubhouse entry timber replacement, extensive preparations for the roofing contractor, and solidifying a new door for the “Back Room”
  • Replaced rotten timbers at 5Stand under #1 trap machine.
  • The complete resurrection of the walls, windows, and roof of the Trap #3 shelter.

Promoting GHSC as a safe and responsible asset to the immediate community, our country, state, and nation is one of my primary goals.  Some examples of my community volunteerism include:

  • Give Pre-Shoot Safety Brief and act as Range Master for Ducks Unlimited events.
  • Give Pre-Shoot Safety Brief and act as Range Master for the PTSD (Permission To Start Dreaming) Foundation “Pull for a Soldier” event.
  • GHSC Chairperson for Olympic Inter-Club League
  • Range Master/Trap Field Safety Coordinator for PITA “Seafood Shoot”
  • Range Master and Shoot director for Parkinson’s Foundation event
  • Former Gig Harbor High School Trap League Youth Shooting Instructor and Range Master.

I feel the Mission of the GHSC should focus on community relations, the education of shooting sports, hunter education, and firearms safety to young people and families.  Given the current events and climate in our country, and as a father of two responsible gun safe young men, this is especially important to me.

In closing, I would like to say, “you too can be included!”  All these work projects save Hundreds of Thousands of dollars for GHCS AND promote positive representation of shooting sports in our community.  By contributing Your man hours of actual labor for future improvements and upkeep to GHSC, we will ALL benefit.

I am looking forward to your vote, and your sweat equity, at the next Work Party. Thank you for your time.

Raymond Yates

I’ve been coming to the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club for 15 years. I became a club member back in 2014. I taught my son and daughter how to shoot here at GHSC.  I started volunteering as a Range Office for the Rifle and Pistol Range in 2018. I am currently a Range Master with an NRA Range Safety Officer certification as well as a training coach for the Basic Handgun Safety Course. I have also volunteered for numerous maintenance projects over the years and will continue to do so.

I feel that we have something special here at the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club.  We’ve created a warm, welcoming community for both our members and their guests.  This shows when we see guests come to the club interested in becoming members. They look at the club, speak with the range officers and realize we are not just a gun range. I regularly see guests come to the club and you can tell they’re a little nervous.  After speaking with us and looking at our entire facility they realize all that the club has to offer, and many of those guests become club members. I’m always happy to have the opportunity to say, “Welcome to the club”.

My professional career has been in telecommunications and information technologies. I have over 30 years of experience in these fields. I’ve worked for many corporations, including a fortune 500 company, as well as run my own business. I have a great deal of business, managerial and project management experience. I bring a lot to the table and feel that as a board member I can be a benefit to the club. Thank you for your consideration.