GHSC 2020 Elections

To Our Members:

Nominations officially closed, August 20, 2020, for Officer and Board Member positions to be elected at the upcoming 2020 Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club election. In an effort to comply with the State of Washington and City of Gig Harbor COVID-19 protocols, the GHSC will hold a “drive-in” election for the open Officer and Board Member positions.  The “drive in” election will be held on Saturday, October 3, 2020, at the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club.  Election hours will be from 4:00PM to 7:00PM. Details of this “drive-in” election will be emailed to all Club members at a later date.

Members may request an absentee ballot from the Membership Chairperson.  Only one absentee ballot will be provided per member (two for a family membership).  Absentee ballots must be returned to the Membership Chairperson from the member, either in person at the “drive in” election or via U.S. Mail to the club address; GHSC-Membership/Election, 9721 Burnham Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98332, no later than 7 days prior to the election date (Sept 26, 2020).  Ballots returned by other than the respective member will be disqualified.

The following Club members have been nominated:

Treasurer – Dick Barnes

Membership Secretary – Angela Heinsbergen

Board of Directors

  • Buck Buchanan
  • Mike Flippo
  • Mary Ellen Houston
  • Tommy Kim
  • Aaron Smith

Please visit this page to view any updated information regarding the election and the candidates.

Chuck Griffey

GHSC Election Committee


Mini biographies on 4 of the 5 perspective board members

Michael Flippo

My name is Michael Flippo, my wife and I are residents of Gig Harbor, having retired here to be close to our grandchildren. I am seeking one of the two open positions for board member.

I believe that I am well qualified to be a member of the Board of Directors. I have an extensive background in dealing with people and with being involved in governmental process. I worked in Public Safety for over 35 years, as a commissioned police officer, rising through the ranks to retire as a Captain, in command of all uniformed officers at the agency I retired from. I have worked for a Washington State regulatory agency conducting special projects and special investigations for the Chief of Enforcement. I closed out my career working for Pierce County’s 911 system as a “Tactical Crime Analyst”. I have also served as a member of the USMCR and am a veteran of Operation Desert Storm. I have been directly involved in managing firearms training programs, I am a qualified “Range Officer” here at the Sportsman’s Club.

Aaron Smith​

My name is Aaron Smith. I’m a marine and I’m currently working as an electrician for the Railroad. I’m a GHSC Range Office for Rifle/Pistol & Shotgun. As the Caretakers spouse I live on the club property and help with events held there and assist at the gun safety classes. I’m always available to assist anyone at the club and I enjoy being there. I’ve met some great people while being there and made some friends along the way. I feel I would bring a lot of value to the club as a board member. Thank you for your vote.

Buck Buchanan

My Name is Buck Buchanan, I am interested in running for the Board of directors, Gig Harbor Sportsman Club.  I came to the GHSC 8 years ago to fire a pistol a friend had given me.  I joined the club the same day! I have been an avid TRAP SHOOTER to say the least since that day.  I volunteer regularly around the Club, have assumed the Thursday Night Trap Chair and run the manning of RSOs and Range Masters on Thursday night Trap.  I have run the “Pull For A Soldier” Charity Event for 2 years.

Retired now I have time to give.  I enjoy Shooting the PITA and ATA schedules. I enjoy bringing new shooters into the fold. If elected I would like to speak up for the TRAP side of club.  I believe it is time to see some improvements to Trap fields, Lighting and field maintenance.  Improve our Pattern Board area, Explore Setting up Token Boxes to Traps 1 & 2 and many other small projects slanted at the Trap side of things.  I ask for your support and vote!  Trap Shooter FOREVER!

Mary Ellen Houston

My name is Mary Ellen Houston and I’m co-owner of Olalla Vineyard & Winery. As a small business owner, I perform many tasks to keep our business running smoothly including web design, marketing, sales, events coordinator, graphic design, vineyard and tasting room management, winemaking and of course, stomping grapes.
Passionate about educating, equipping and empowering woman shooters, I recently accepted the position of Chapter Lead for the Gig Harbor Chapter of The Well Armed Woman. I have served as a GHSC Range Officer for the past year.
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers,
“I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.”