Oroville ‘Gene’ Barton was born in Murphysboro, Illinois on September 21, 1930. His parents were very young, 16 and 17, and they managed a pool hall to survive. This began Gene’s lifelong love of the game. As a young boy, he would shag balls and hustle billiard games for extra money but spent much time alone when it came to school and homework. His cousin Shirley and Uncle Joe often helped, making sure he had a hot meal and school necessities.

But Gene was determined to live a better existence. When the family moved to California, he set his sights on college and went to UC Berkeley. He attained a degree in Chemistry then attended UC San Francisco Medical School specializing in Pharmacy. Gene served several years in the US Army, which took he and his wife, Toby, and daughter, Ruthie, to Germany. He served as a pharmacist in an army hospital in Augsburg.

On returning home in 1958, a son Andrew was born, and the family settled in Martinez, CA, in the SF Bay Area. Pharmacy was not as satisfying a job as Gene hoped, so he returned to school for a higher degree and eventually became a Physics professor at Contra Costa College. Teaching allowed vacation time to expose his family to nature, spending much time camping and backpacking. He also became an avid sailor and marksman.

Gene’s career as a teacher eventually brought him to Citrus College in Southern California, where he met his current wife, Doris. Retirement brought both of them to Gig Harbor. Gene found a place of contentment in this WA community.

He joined the Sportsmen’s Club, making lasting friends as well as friends on his residential street of Peacock Hill. He always spoke so highly of his life and friends in this community. In the last few weeks before he passed from this world, Gene accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. On Good Friday, March 29, 2024, Gene Barton left us. He now resides in heaven awaiting the day when, all who know Jesus, will join him. He hopes you all are one in that number.