WA State 2019 PITA Tournament & Senior Games Results

Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club Team for Handicap

The 86th Washington State Shoot, an annual PITA (Pacific International Trapshooting Association) tournament, came to a conclusion on Sunday, July 14, 2019 with several Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club members bringing home a boatload of trophies.


The 5 day tournament, held in Littlerock, Washington, brought trapshooters from near and far to participate in 10 events, covering the three trapshooting disciplines of singles (shooting from 16 yards), handicap (shooting from various yardages based on each individual shooter's history), and doubles (two targets are thrown at the same time).


One would think that mid July would be a pretty safe bet for nice shooting weather, but then again, this is Washington. Day one was particularly challenging for some shooters who unfortunately drew the short straw. The conditions varied from sprinkling to heavy rain. Day two was better, with only some sprinkling here and there. The following 3 days were overall hospitable, with good shooting conditions.


The day prior to the State Shoot the same venue hosted the Washington State Senior Games trapshooting event, won by our very own Le Rodenberg. At the Saturday night awards presentation, Le was also awarded a pin for shooting a combined total of 50,000 PITA targets.


The next time you cross paths with any of these Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club trophy winners, be sure to give them a CONGRATULATIONS and high-five for their sharpshooting!



Event #1 - Poulsbo RV Singles


AA Class - John Mullins - 99/100 Tied – Carry over to next singles event: 24/25

Senior Category - Grant Lau - 100/100


Event #2 - President's Handicap


Senior Category - Le Rodenberg - 89/100 Tied – Carry over to next handicap event: 22/100


Event #5 - Black Diamond Singles


D Class - Don Davies - 96/100

Senior Category - Grant Lau - 98/100


Event #7/#9 Singles Championship


Overall Champion - John Mullins - 198/200

D Class - Buck Buchanan - 192/200


Event #8 Doubles Championship


Overall Champion - John Mullins - 100/100

AA Class Runner-up - Scott Moore - 91/100


Event #10 Handicap Championship


Overall Champion - Madison Cheyney - 96/100

Overall Champion Runner-up 6th Place - Scott Moore - 93/100 Tied – Shoot-off: 24/24

Overall Champion Runner-up 7th Place - John Mullins - 93/100 Tied – Shoot-off: 24/25, 23/25


High All Around


Overall Champion - John Mullins - 391/400

AA Class - Scott Moore - 378/400

Senior Category - Grant Lau - 375/400


High Overall


Overall Champion - John Mullins - 959/1000