Top Shot Results and Photos

Top Shot Champion J.B. Shattuck
Top Shot Winning Team; William Benton, J.B. Shattuck, Le Rodenberg, Gordon Hauschild
Top Shot Winning Team; William Benton, J.B. Shattuck, Le Rodenberg, Gordon Hauschild
Top Shot Competitors

On October 20 and 21, 2018 eight adventurous shooters competed in the first (of many, we hope!) all-venue shooting competition. Saturday saw them shoot for individual scores and as 4-man teams in archery, rifle, and pistol events. On Sunday, the competitors moved to the shotgun fields, shooting trap and 5-stand lines. Each venue was worth a maximum of 100 points (with shotgun splitting the 100 points between trap and 5-stand). Team 1 was made up of Terry Holm, Dan McGrew, Scott Moore and Billy Aas. Team 2 members were J.B. Shattuck, William Benton, Gordon Hauschild and Le Rodenberg.


The top archery score was claimed by Billy, with 75 points, followed by Scott and J.B. The top rifle scorer was William Benton, with a 75, followed by J.B. and Gordon. The pistol scores were led by Gordon with 88, followed by Terry and William. Team 1 took the archery total, but Team 2 took the honors at the rifle and pistol lines. At the end of the first day, Team 1 held a slim lead. Individual totals saw Gordon with an 11 point lead over J.B., with William and Terry close on their heels.


The second day saw Le carding the top trap score (47 out of 50),  Billy close behind at 46, and William and Scott tied for third at 44. J.B. took the top honors at 5-stand with a 36, with Scott and Billy close behind at 34 and 33 respectively.


When all the scores were tallied up, Team 2 outscored Team 1 by a score of 997 to 865 to claim team medals. The individual championship was decided by a mere 3 points, with J.B. claiming the champion’s medal with a score of 280. Gordon took second at 277. William and Scott rounded out the top four with 254 and 235 points, respectively. The shooters celebrated afterward with some delicious Farelli’s pizza.


Everyone had a great time, razzing and rooting for each other and competing in events that some had rarely tried, or had not practiced since their teen years. Jeffrey (our archery range master) and Billy (the guru of 5-stand) were particularly helpful with tips and techniques on the archery and 5-stand venues and their coaching and encouragement were outstanding! This was really a fun event and we hope to see many more participants next time. Yes, there will be a next time! This is too much fun to miss, so make a point of planning to visit one of the venues that you seldom try, get some practice time behind a bow, shotgun, pistol or rifle, and come out next time to give J.B. a run for it if he wants to successfully defend his title! Congrats to J.B. and thanks to all of the participants.