Top Shot Competition Upcoming

MEMBERS ONLY!! Shooters of all types (shotgun, rifle, pistol and archery), here’s your chance to compete individually and in a team for the title of the GHSC Top Shot!


Here’s the scoop (subject to some final modifications to make the competition as fair as possible):


Each type of weapon will have a 100-point maximum score. Shooters will have 3 weeks to shoot for score in rifle, pistol and archery. Dates and times you can shoot for score will be posted. But remember, the ranges are only open on certain days/times – don’t wait until the last minute! The last weekend will be for shotgun shooting, and everyone will shoot trap and 5-stand on one day. We will tally up final scores and award prizes to the top team and top individual aggregate score.


Teams: 3 on a team, assigned by random draw. Teams do not have to shoot together, but this is a chance to meet some shooters you might not otherwise meet and shoot with if you only shoot one or two disciplines. This is your chance to make a new friend!


Rifle: 20 rounds in no more than 10 minutes (including sighting-in), at 30 feet, standing (offhand), with a .22 rifle. Must use club rifle, which will be a .22 with a scope attached. Up to 3 sighting-in rounds permitted, to zero the scope. No support (i.e., no leaning against the bench or partition), no slings. Target will be NRA 50-foot smallbore target (A-17, ten bullseyes plus sighting bull in center), two rounds per bull, 5-point max per round. You will need 20 rounds of .22LR ammo, plus sighting-in rounds you wish to fire. A “dud” round may be replaced and shot, but no additional time will be allowed. Center ring will be scored as a “V” and count for five points, remaining rings count 5, 4, 3, etc. V-count will serve as a tie-breaker if needed.


Pistol: 20 rounds in no more than 10 minutes, at 30 feet, standing. Any caliber, you provide the gun and ammo. No sighting-in rounds. No artificial supports, except you may have contact with the shooting bench (not the side partitions). Shoot one- or two-handed. Iron sights (no optical or red-dot sights permitted). No magnification allowed. Targets will be NRA 75-foot A-7/5 smallbore target, with five bullseyes per page. Shoot four rounds per bull. Center ring counts as a “V.”


Archery: 20 arrows, five points per arrow. Must use club bows or traditional (standard or recurve) bow of your own. No sights. No compound bows or crossbows. (Compound or crossbow shooters, we invite your input on how to open the competition to these bows next year, while still making a fair shoot for other types of bows!)


Shotgun – Trap: Two 25-shot rounds of trap will be shot, one point per target, maximum of 50 points. You provide the shotgun and shells. Colored targets (powdered) may appear; a hit will earn a reward of a box of shells.


Shotgun – 5-stand: Two rounds of 5-stand will be shot, one point per target, maximum of 50 points. You provide the shotgun and shells. Bring extra shells in case a re-shoot is needed due to a broken target. (Remember: maximum #8 shot size on the 5-stand range.)


Entry will be limited to club members only. Entry fee is to be determined, but likely to be in the $10-$15 range. Dates are to be determined. Not a member? Join now! Read all about becoming a member here.




There will be a BBQ, and trophy celebration upon completion of the competition, projected to be sometime before mid October, 2018.


See you there!  Bring your A-game and become the FIRST ever Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club Top Shot!