Seafood Shoot 2019 - Results and Links to Photos

Don Davies - 100,000 PITA Targets

The annual Seafood Shoot PITA Trapshooting Tournament was held September 20 – 22, 2019.  Thank you to all trapshooters, family, and friends for participating in this fun event.


The 3-day tournament had a total of 6 trapshooting events, 2 per day.  The weather was cooperative on Friday and Saturday, then on Sunday trapshooters shot through "liquid sunshine" to various degrees throughout the day.


Day one started off with a bang, both literally and figuratively, with 3 perfect scores in the first event!  That was 10% of the participants shooting 100/100.  Remarkable!  Congratulations to Don Williamson, Jeff Nostrom and Jon Thompson! That was followed up by 12 sharpshooters shooting in the 90s in the second event, handicap.  Anytime you can keep a 9 at the beginning of a handicap score you've done well.  The day was rounded out with a hat-shoot for Aaron Smith who shot his first 25 straight.  Aaron's hat will never be the same.


Day two's first event, singles, again had two shooters with perfect scores; Bob McLendon and Jon Thompson....yes, the same Jon Thompson who shoot a perfect score the previous day.  Amazing! The second event, handicap, saw more scores rolling in with 9s as the first number.


Day three rolled around with the added challenge of shooting with raindrop splattered glasses and slippery shotguns, but amazingly enough Jeff Nostrom smoked 98 out of 100 of those little clays.   Congratulations, Jeff!  More 90s came in for the last event, handicap.  


Bob Davis had the overall best scores, winning both high-all-around with 284/300 AND high-overall with 565/600. Congratulations, Bob!!


Overall there were a lot of great scores.

On Saturday night, prior to the seafood dinner, we had the pleasure of honoring a milestone event for Don Davies; 100,000 PITA targets.  Congratulations, Don!  Don has been shooting trap, supporting the sport and clubs throughout the northwest, including Alaska and Hawaii, for over 50 years.  A wonderful tribute was presented to Don, in recognition of  all he has done for the sport, and for the Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club over the years. Thank you, Don, for your endless dedication to the sport!


This year again our fabulous sponsors contributed over $4,000 in added money.  Thank you, sponsors!  Please think of supporting our sponsors next time you are in need of their product or service:


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Wind Walker Express - Transport Service Company - 253-884-6018


Thank you again to the trapshooters, family and friends who supported this event, as well as to the many volunteers it took to make things run smoothly.  



To see photos of the events click the links below:


Photo Album 1

Photo Album 2

Photo Album 3