Seafood Shoot 2013 Results

2013 Seafood Shoot

After several years of stellar weather for the annual Seafood Shoot, this year it was time to pay our dues...apparently.  From drizzle to record-breaking torrential downpour, and everything in between, the shooters experienced it all during our 3-day shoot. Next time you are looking for inspiration, go to a trapshooting tournament during challenging weather.  You will witness, first-hand, brave and fearless shooters confronting the elements head-on...and conquering the beast!!  Be forewarned, this activity is not for the faint of heart....or those without a passion for completely tearing apart their gun to ensure every single nook and cranny has be thoroughly dried off afterwards!


Friday and Saturday’s shoots were topped off by fun, fellowship and lots of delicious food.  If anyone ended the evening hungry, it sure wasn't due to lack of food!  Friday night everyone dined on potluck favorites, and Saturday's shoot was followed by our annual seafood feast.  There was an abundance of salmon, lingcod, halibut, oysters, and clams, perfectly prepared and enjoyed by all.  Special thanks to Tom Lovrovich, Ed Manning, Andy Coster and Ben Pearson for donating the seafood.  It was fantastic!  Many thanks from all!


The delicious seafood was accompanied by a huge assortment of delectable dishes, compliments of countless shooters, family and friends, who selflessly shared their time, effort and favorite recipes with all.  A well-deserved shout-out to all who contributed, THANK-YOU, so much for helping make the shoot a success!  Your contributions are GREATLY appreciated!


Speaking of appreciation, one more shout-out for the dozens of volunteers who silently and tirelessly worked countless hours to plan and execute a smoothly run event.  Without you, this annual tradition would not be possible….or nearly as much fun!  Thank you!!


Now, on to the winners circle!  Congratulations to the following shooters for braving the elements, and shooting a winning score!


Event 1 - Handicap


               19-22 yards         Curtis Keller & Don Bowman     95          


               23-25 yards         Doug Reimers       87


               26-27 yards         Jon Thompson      84


Event 2 – Doubles


               A Class       David Teesdale        92


               B Class       Jon Thompson         93


               C Class       Curtis Keller             91


               D Class       Steve Jones             80


Event 3 – Singles


               A Class                 Doug Reimers & Ron Hull               95


               B Class                 Don Bowman & Gary Webster        96


               C Class                 Curtis Keller & Gage Wade-Huber  96


               D Class                 Kirk Foreman & Curtis Baker          92


Event 4 – Handicap


               19-22 yards         Curtis Keller         96          


               23-25 yards         Charles Stacey    95


               26-27 yards         Jon Thompson    79


Event 5 – Singles


               A Class                 David Teesdale & Doug Reimers        99


               B Class                 Curtis Baker        97


               C Class                 Curtis Keller        93


               D Class                 Mark Downing    92


Event 6 – Handicap


               19-22 yards         Curtis Keller & Don Bowman       94          


               23-25 yards         Tony Tebeau       88


               26-27 yards         No Entries


High All Around


               Champ  Curtis Keller     283


               A Class  Doug Reimers     272


               B Class  Don Bowman     269


               C Class  Gage Wade-Huber      265


               D Class  Jim Bradbury       265


               Junior    Cody Ballard       265


               Ladies    Debby Anex         215


               Veteran   Charles Stacey    269


High Overall


               A Class  Doug Reimers     543


               B Class  Don Bowman     553


               C Class  Curtis Keller        565


               D Class  Jim Bradbury       523


Start planning for next year's Seafood Shoot now, by marking the last weekend of September off on your calendars.  See you there!