P.I.T.A. 2018 All Star Teams

Art Fenton - 2018 P.I.T.A. All Star
Grant Lau - 2018 P.I.T.A. All Star

The Pacific International Trapshooting Association, P.I.T.A., has announced their All Star Teams for 2018. Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club is the home club for 3 top shooters! 


P.I.T.A. is an organization that spans 9 states; Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. It also includes trapshooters from British Columbia. 


To qualify as an All Star, trapshooters must shoot a minimum number of registered (tournament) targets at a minimum number of venues (no fair picking only your favorite club to shoot at!) as well as satisfy requirements in terms of number of targets shot per discipline (singles, handicap and doubles) and participate in the larger tournaments. Once all of those requirements are satisfied, at the end of the shooting year all scores are added together and averaged. Teams are made of those with the highest averages.


This year our club can proudly boast being the home club for 3 top shooters; Art Fenton, Grant Lau and Teresa Rebo.


Art Fenton placed on the Elder First Team, shooting 6,100 registered targets with an overall average of .9030. This is Art's 13th year as an All Star.


Grant Lau is Captain of the Senior Team. Grant shot 6,100 registered targets with an overall average of .9234. This is Grant's 8th year as an All Star.


Teresa Rebo is a first time All Star, placing on the Ladies Second Team. She shot a total of 4,400 registered targets with an overall average of .8800.


Congratulations, sharpshooters! Next time you see one of these 3 at the club be sure to give them a high five!


Given that only 7 All Stars are from Washington State, having 3 at our very own club is noteworthy!  Maybe it's something in the water.  No, it must be all the great people at Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club.  Whatever it is, if you are considering taking up the sport of trapshooting you may want to consider checking out Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club, and making it your home club.


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If your preferred interest is pistol, rifle, 5-stand or archery, we also have a range for you.  And more great people. One way or another, you are sure to have a great time.