November 22, 2016 Special Meeting Results





On November 22, 2016 at a special ‘General Membership Meeting’ club membership approved the proposal to accept the City of Gig Harbor’s offer to purchase some of the club’s property for the expansion and connection of Harbor Hill Drive between Burnham Drive and the current termination point of the road.  With a much larger than normal turnout for this meeting Club membership overwhelmingly approved the proposal with over 92% of the vote in favor of accepting the offer.


The vote was overseen by Elections Committee Chair John Cheyney and Committee members Bruce Macdonald and Chuck Griffey.  The counting and Certification of all votes was overseen by Harlan Schmidt.


John Cheyney wants to thanks his committee for their dedication to making sure this important and historic vote ran smoothly.


The City expects to issue a ‘Request for Bid’ to contractors in January 2017 with construction to start in April 2017 and completion approximately 4th quarter 2018





      Right-0f-Way  170,384 SF (m/l) - $473.700.00

       Northern Remnant  46,513 SF (m/l) - $129,300.00

      Temporary Construction Easement - 114,328 SF (m/l)

                                       (Lost Revenue) - $16,000.00

       Nail Easement:  17,664 SF (m/l) - $44,200.00

       Improvements:  Timber Value - $65,500.00

       Damages:  Cost-to-cure (Moving Shed) - $500.00

                      Total (Rounded)    $729,200.00


The City will construct certain improvements on or adjacent to the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club (GHSC), “Owner”, property in conjunction with the Harbor Hill Drive improvement project.  The improvements are described as follows:


     1. Construct a 20-foot wide driveway (16 feet paved with 2 foot gravel shoulders) as shown on the preliminary plans presented to the Owner.  The driveway shall be completed prior to closure of the existing driveway.  The new driveway shall be owned and maintained by the Owner.

     2. Construct a storm drainage collection system for the driveway.  The system shall be owned and maintained by the Owner.

     3. Construct a perimeter chain link security fence along the new roadway right-of-way.  The fence shall be located on Owner property approximately 2-feet beyond the Harbor Hill Drive right-of-way line.  The fence shall be of the same height and construction as the existing fence and shall be owned and maintained by the Owner.

     4. Relocate the existing automated security entrance gate to the new driveway.  The gate shall be located where the existing fence line crosses the new driveway.  Conduit, wiring, a Fire Department Knox box and a security light will be installed by the City.  Power for the gate shall be provided by the Owner.  The gate shall be owned and maintained by the Owner.

     5. Engineer and construct a 10-foot tall concrete ballistic wall along the west and north sides of the Pistol/rifle range.  The ballistic wall will be located adjacent to, or attached to, the proposed soldier pile wall, at the discretion of the City.  The ballistic wall shall be owned and maintained by the Owner.

     6. Construct a turnaround at the security gate to accommodate passenger vehicles.

     7. Clear a minimum 4 foot wide footpath near the perimeter fence.  The footpath can follow existing ground contours, but will be clear of underbrush.  The footpath can meander in order to preserve trees.

     8. Relocate the existing Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club sign (white on blue sign) to a point near the new driveway on the west side of Burnham Drive.

     9. Relocate the existing Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club private sign to a point adjacent to the new driveway on the east side of Burnham Drive.  The Owner may secure a sign permit for a replacement sign in lieu of relocating the existing sign, at the Owner’s expense.


The City’s cost to complete GHSC’s requested infrastructure improvements is estimated to be $520,000.00.


  • All escrow, excise tax, title insurance, transaction and recording fees (closing costs) will be paid by the City of Gig Harbor.
  • The new site plan and the application for the major site plan review as well as the design review costs will be paid by the City of Gig Harbor.
  • Escrow Agreement: The City of Gig Harbor will deposit $729,000.00 in an escrow account to be distributed to the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club within 10 days after title has been cleared.  As is common in commercial/industrial property transactions where there is the potential for environmental contamination, a portion of these funds ($100,000) will be withheld and used to reimburse the City’s actual cost for any clean-up remediation required.  Per the “Agreed Order” with DOE, the club is responsible for any environmental clean-up required anywhere on GHSC’s property.

The City’s only remaining requirements from the GHSC are that we reinforce the shooting station overheads on the rifle side with a ballistic resistant material and that we do the same over the dirt bullet traps on the 100 yard target line.  We also need to close any openings in the ceiling, inside the bunker, on the pistol side.  These are improvements that the GHSC Board has planned to do on our own for several years.