Shot Containment Curtain Dedication Ceremony

Senator Jan Angel at Dedication Ceremony

During the summer of 2014 Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club became the proud new owner of a state-of-the-art shot containment curtain, now serving as a fabulous backdrop at the shotgun range.  


The shot containment curtain is just one way Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club continues to maintain their excellent stewardship of the facility, and our environment, while at the same time offering a family-friendly recreational facility which fosters shooting sports.


This shot containment curtain was made possible by a combination of moneys provided by a grant through the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office Firearms and Archery Range Recreation (FARR) Program, combined with club member funds.


A Dedication Ceremony was held on July 28, 2014. We were honored to have Senator Jan Angel, Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders (retired), and Adina Hicks, NRA Field Representative,  in attendance.


Senator Angel thanked the organization for their commitment to the environment, and to the community.  A club member herself, enthusiastic supporter of the 2nd amendment, and also a former trapshooter, Senator Angel expressed her appreciation for the club’s outstanding management of this facility, an invaluable community asset.


At the ceremony Range Officers and other club marksmen took to the field to demonstrate how to crush the clays while trapshooting.  So far the consensus has been that the curtain has no impact on the sight-picture so, sorry shooters, don’t plan on adding it as a line item to the list of “why I missed the target”!  Oh, well, we already have so many good reasons, anyway...why would we need another?!