New Members Welcome at Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club

The Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club welcomes new members.


Individual and Family memberships are available in the Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club (GHSC). Current [not expired] members receive member-only pricing for various fees and supplies.


  • The membership period is twelve months from when you sign up and pay the initial membership fee.
  • Individual memberships are $55 for new members, $50 for renewal.
  • Family memberships are $65 for new members, $60 for renewal.
    • Family memberships include:
      • The member and his/her spouse or significant other.
      • Dependent children under the age of 18.
        • Note that children under the age of 18 pay the same fees whether they are members or not – so unless your spouse will be using the range, a family membership is unnecessary.
      • Family memberships DO NOT include extended family such as brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, nieces, nephews, grandmother, grandfather, etc.
  • LIFETIME Memberships are also available for ten times the annual rate.
  • Memberships must be renewed within 30 days after they expire – otherwise the new member rates will apply.
  • Expiring memberships are posted in the newsletter – but it is your responsibility to keep track of your expiration date and renew on time.
  • You MUST PRESENT proof of current membership in order to receive member pricing.


Note: All new members are required to complete the Range Orientation Safety Briefing before using any of the shooting ranges.  For more information, click here.


Filling out the Membership Application


  • Membership applications must be filled out at the time the fee is paid (i.e. – we do not hand out applications to be taken home).
  • Print legibly and press hard. The accuracy of your membership information will be dependent upon whether we can actually read your printing.
  • Please list your spouse or significant other’s name on the application – and note the relationship of this person in parenthesis after the name. Check the box if you want an I.D. card for him/her.
  • Also list children – under the age of 18 – with “son”, “daughter” and age in parenthesis after the age. Check the box if you want an I.D. card for them.
  • After you pay the fee – the green copy will be returned to you. This is your temporary membership I.D. – bring it with you each time you come to the range, until you receive your permanent card in order to receive member pricing.
  • It may take up to 6 weeks to receive your permanent card(s).
  • The temporary I.D. (green copy) will be honored for two months after you join.


If you would like any additional information, please contact our Membership Chair.


Come join the fun today!  You will be glad that you did.Welcome to Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club