Congratulations Grant Lau - PITA All-Star Recipient

Grant Lau - 2013 PITA All-Star

2013 brings yet again another PITA All-Star amongst us! CONGRATUTIONS go out to Grant Lau for being selected as a member of the All-Star Mens Second Team.  Way to go, Grant! 


Annual PITA All‑Star Teams consist of the target year’s top 45 shooters, as evidenced by their averages. 15 top shooters are chosen in the Mens category, 10 in Ladies, 10 in Veteran/Seniors/Elders, and 10 in Sub-Junior/Juniors.


The competition to win a coveted spot as an All-Star was steep. In 2013 the PITA membership consisted of 3,962 shooters.  What an incredible feat, to be in the top 45!  Grant’s shooting prowess proved to be greater than 98.8% of all 2013 PITA shooters.


All-Star members in the Mens category are required to have shot a minimum of 1700 Singles, 1700 Handicap and 1100 Doubles registered targets at five (5) different PITA hosted shoot locations during the year. 


Grant is joined by four shooters from California to make up the All-Star Mens Second Team.  In total, Washington has two shooters, Grant and Tom Gray, on the All-Star Mens teams. California dominates, with 9 of the 15 spots.


Grant had the option to choose the Veteran's First Team, but opted for the Men's Team as it has tougher requirements; i.e., higher averages and more targets are required.


The women were represented by Washington’s Rosalie Nicholson and Jennifer Anex, both of whom made the Women's All-Star Second Team.  The balance of the Womens teams consisted of 4 shooters from California, 3 from Oregon, and perennial Women's All-Star from British Columbia, Lisa Salt.


This years Veteran's Teams are made up of five shooters from British Columbia, four from Oregon, and Jim Fultz from Idaho.  


Washington’s Jake Switzer and Hayden Bollinger made the All-Star Junior Teams, along with 7 shooters from California, and one from Nevada.  


All told, Washington placed 6 shooters on the PITA All-Star Teams; two each on Men's, Women's, and Jr's.  Washington trapshooters ROCK!