Ceit Aquin Brooks - Candidate for Board Member Position

Ceit Aquin Brooks

In 2016, I first came to the club to take a pistol class. While taking that class I asked about shotgun classes, and there happened to be a class coming up. From there I began my membership in the club and eventually volunteered as a Range Officer in trap. Then when archery needed a volunteer to start up I became Range Officer for archery. This past spring I decided to work on my pistol skills and became a rifle and pistol Range Officer. I am here at least three days a week. You may have seen me working my hunting dog, Ayla, or participating in other volunteer activities. 
You can see from my many gun club activities that I am invested in this club and its future. So as a board member I will encourage more family participation at the club. Some ideas to accomplish this are creating a family-friendly environment such as a small play area, holding non-weapon self-defense classes for women, and participating more in community activities. It is important, as good neighbors, to reach out to this community who enjoys shooting sports. 
Thank you