2019 PITA Grand Pacific Results

A wild week of fun and games came to a conclusion on July 27, 2019 as trapshooters, friends, and family wiped their brows and headed home, on to the next tournament, or perhaps off for much need R&R.


The annual PITA (Pacific International Trapshooting Association) Grand Pacific was held in Spokane, Washington from July 21-27, 2019. For 7 days up to just over 300 participants, plus supporting friends and family, gathered to compete for trophies, polish their trapshooting prowess, and earn bragging rights.


Humidity and high temperatures did not stop the competitors from getting out there and doing their best, event after event. A total of 16 events were held over the 7 day period; 14 12-gauge and 2 20-gauge.


Two Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club members brought home trophies.


Art Fenton, All Star and Hall of Fame extraordinaire, was a shining super star, winning a total of 7 trophies!! Art gave all others in his category a run for their money, that is for sure! Excellent shooting, Art.


John Mullins held his own, and then some, tying for the win in one handicap event.


Congratulations, shooters!


Event 1 - Gist Silversmiths Singles


Elder - Art Fenton - 100/100


Event 6 - Northwest Shot Singles


Elder - Art Fenton - 100/100


Event 7 - High Gun Handicap


Elder - Art Fenton - 96/100


Events 11 & 13 - Grand Pacific Singles Championship


Elder - Art Fenton - 199/200


Event 15 - Grand Pacific Doubles Championship


Elder - Art Fenton – 96/100


Event 16 - Browning Grand Pacific Handicap


John Mullins - 98/100 - (shootoff 23-24)


High Over All - Combined 14 Events


Elder - Art Fenton - 1286/1400


Dan Orlich High All Around - Combined 4 Events


Elder - Art Fenton - 383/400