2018 State Shoot Results

The 85th Washington State Shoot, a PITA trapshooting tournament, was held in Littlerock Washington July 11 – 15, 2018. Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club members brought home a total of 11 trophies. Congratulations, shooters!!


Overall a fun week was had by all. Clear blue skies made for excellent visibility. It was unseasonably hot, accompanied by high winds which brought some relief from the heat although also added to the challenge of hitting the oftentimes usually sporty targets.


Next time you see one of these trapshooters at the club, be sure to congratulate them on their great shooting.


Event 1 Singles
AA Winner - John Mullins 99/100


Event 4 Doubles
AA Winner - John Mullins 99/100
Lady Winner - Teresa Rebo 84/100
Sr Veteran Winner - Art Fenton 93/100


Event 5 Singles
Sr Veteran Winner - Art Fenton 99/100


Event 7/9 Singles Championship
A Winner Runner-up - Grant Lau 198/200


Event 8 Doubles Championship
Champion - John Mullins 98/100
AA Winner - Scott Moore 96/100
A Winner Runner-up - Grant Lau 94/100
Lady Winner - Teresa Rebo 88/100


Event 10 Handicap Championship
6th Place Winner - John Mullins 93/100


High All Around
AA Winner - John Mullins 386/400
Elder Winner - Art Fenton 372/400


High Over All
AA Winner - John Mullins 950/1000