2018 Rockin' Rhythm & Blues Festival Recap & Photos

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A HUGE THANK-YOU goes out to.....


  • The awesome artists who shared there incredible artistry with us at the Rockin' Rhythm & Blues Festival, playing with their hearts and souls. You all were FANTASTIC! Thank you DoctorfunK, Jonell Mosser, Jethro Tull Experience, Shelly Ely & The Gentlemen, Mark Johnson and Friends, Dr. Japp's Funk Shop, The Whirlies, King Kom Beaux, Jeremy Allgaier!


  • Everyone who came out to spend their day at the Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club, enjoying the music and supporting the Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation. Thank you!


  • The organizers and their entire team, who ran the event with precision that comes only with years of hard work and experience. Thank you!


  • The vendors, sponsors, and all support staff. Thank you!


  • The Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club, their members and management, who for the second consecutive year closed the range and hosted this wonderful community event. Thank you!


  • The Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation, on a mission to “...discover, and help Veterans throughout the Pacific Northwest access effective, long-term solutions to transform Post-Traumatic Stress into Post-Traumatic Growth.” Thank you!


Please enjoy our photo album of the event by clicking here. In no particular order, these pictures are a random sampling of the awesome people who were at the 2018 Rockin' Rhythm & Blues Festival. There are a lot of fun pictures to view, so pour yourself a refreshing beverage, kick up your heels and enjoy!