2018 PITA Grand Results

Another PITA (Pacific International Trapshooting Association) Grand Pacific goes down in the record books.


July 22 -28, 2018 found several Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club trapshooters in Spokane, Washington braving the heat to compete in this annual tournament. This was the second consecutive year the Grand was held at Spokane Gun Club. In all, 288 competitors from several states convened to shoot in temperatures that reached up to 97 degrees. To sum it up in 3 words, it was hot!!!


Most participants shot both events every day, doing their best to crush 200 targets in the process. Some gluttons for punishment shot even more, participating in various before and after games and events. Trapshooting warriors, for sure!!


Overall, to say there was a whole lot of brow wiping, and water swigging, going on would not be an overstatement. As usual, despite the challenging heat under the blazing sun, a great time was had by all.


Even with the stiff competition, several members still brought home trophies, or tied to win, shooting best in class or category. CONGRATULATIONS, shooters!


Event 9 - Doubles

Elder - Art Fenton - 95/100


Event 11/13 - Singles Championship

Champion Runner-up - John Mullins - 199/200

Elder - Art Fenton - 198/200

Class AA Runner-up - Grant Lau - 198/200


Event 14 - Handicap

Elder - Don Davies - 94/100


Event 15 - Championship Doubles

Class B Runner-up - Art Fenton - 95/100

Senior - Grant Lau - 97/100


If you have any interest in learning more about competitive trapshooting, feel free to ask any of these members about it.  It's a fun, challenging, and family-friendly sport.