2017 PITA Grand & Hall of Fame

Grant Lau - 2017 PITA Hall of Fame Inductee
Art Fenton - 2017 PITA Hall of Fame Inductee

The 2017 Grand Pacific Championships PITA trapshooting tournament was held at the Spokane Gun Club July 23rd through the 29th.


This was the first time this annual tournament was held in Spokane. Overall the new location seemed to be a big hit.  It's a beautiful facility, with 18 trap houses.  16 were used for the tournament, with 2 open for practice. 


It was roasting hot all week, with temperatures in the mid to high 90s.  Beautiful shade trees lined parts of the trap line, offering a bit of a reprieve from the scorching sun for those lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the shade and areas of lush, green grass. 


Our club members brought home 10 trophies all together.  CONGRATULATIONS, shooters!  John Mullins shot four 100 straights, including 100 straight in the doubles and handicap events, the most challenging disciplines to shoot 100 straight in.  Wow!!!  Amazing shooting, John.  New Hall of Fame inductee, Art Fenton, was no slouch either, bringing home a total of 5 trophies.


Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club members won the following:


Event 1 - Coon Creek Singles

AAA/AA – John Mullins – tied for win with 100 straight, went to shoot-off

Senior/Elder - Art Fenton 99/100


Event 6 - Sportsman's Warehouse Singles

AAA/AA Class - John Mullins 100/100, tied for win, went to shoot-off

Senior/Elder – Art Fenton 99/100, tied for win, carried over to next event


Event 9 - White Creek Gunstock Blanks Doubles

Champion Runner-up - John Mullins 100/100, tied for win, carried over to 48, 50 vs 50, 50

Senior - Le Rodenberg 96/100

Elder – Art Fenton 97/100, tied for win, carried over to next event


Event 10 - All American Armory Handicap

Champion - John Mullins 100/100


Event 11/13 - Grand Pacific Singles Championship

Elder - Art Fenton 197/200, won shoot-off


Event 11/13 - Singles Championship Team

AAA - Art Fenton 197/200


Click here to see all of the winning scores.


Also at the tournament Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club had not one, but TWO members inducted into the Pacific International Trapshooting Association (PITA) in 2017; Grant Lau and Art Fenton.  CONGRATULATIONS, Art and Grant!


More about 2017 Inductee, Grant Lau:


"Grant began competitive marksmanship in 1961 while in high school in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Small bore rifle in junior ROTC began a shooting career that would span decades and involve firearms from pistols to shotguns.  Following a decade of distinguished high power rifle competition, Grant shot at his first PITA registered targets in 1989.  At the end of that target year, his average card had six “punches”, and a handicap average of over 90% for almost 3,000 handicap targets.


The following year at the 1990 Grand Pacific in Salem, Oregon, two memorable trophies went home with Grant.  The first was the Budweiser sponsored handicap event where his 97 won long yardage, and began his shooting “from the back fence”.  The second was Doubles Championship, Class B, when his score of 97 tied with eleven other shooters, including fellow 2017 HOF inductee, Art Fenton.  The shoot-off for the buckle lasted eight rounds, and several times Grant had to borrow ammunition from spectators to shoot the next round, and finally win.


Since those beginning years, Grant’s shooting achievements include over twenty 100 straights in singles and doubles since year 2000, state shoot trophies from multiple states,  multiple Grand Pacific trophies, the WA State HAA and HOA Championship in 2012, and All Star Team qualification  for the sixth time in 2016.   


In addition to competing, Grant served over 25 years as both a board member and officer of the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club, and as its registered shoot director.  For five of his six years on the WSPITA Board, he served as president or vice president. 


Honored and humbled to be inducted into the PITA Hall of Fame, Grant may likely be remembered best for his attitude exemplified by his vehicle license plates; AIM4FUN, FUN4ME2, and FUN4ALL."


Grant Lau


More about 2017 Inductee, Art Fenton:


"I worked as a trap boy at a two trap club when I was 12 years old. I soon learned it was fun but expensive.

My daughter and my son-in-law gave me a field grade 12 gauge over and under shotgun for Christmas in 1987. I started shooting registered targets in1988. After about 5000 registered targets, with a gun that didn't fit, I talked my wife, Carmon, into allowing me to buy a Browning Citori trap gun. Then she purchased a Beretta 303 and the kids inheritance started to decrease.


In 1990, at my home club of Gig Harbor, I broke my first 100 straight in singles. From that point on I have been in class AA/AAA for singles. Through the 2016 shoot year I have shot 125 100 straights
in singles, in the PITA.


I have won three Washington State Singles Championships, 2002,2012 and 2016, (at the age of 75). I won the PITA Grand Singles Championship in 2003.The shoot-off for the Grand win was the ugliest I was ever involved with, (24-24-24-25)


I finally made the 27 yard line in 1993, the same month I retired from working for the U.S.Navy. I've been on the PITA All-Star Team over a dozen times. I have over 200,000 registered PITA targets.


The longest run of single targets is 805, shot in that other conference in Arizona. I have over a hundred 100 straights in singles and approx. half a dozen 100 straights in doubles, also in that other conference.


I have been involved with the Washington State PITA Board and the PITA Executive Committee. I have authored several rule changes and rule clarifications. I've also been involved with several PITA Corporate By-Law changes. I plan on fading into the sunset concerning my involvement in rule changes.


Thank You for the honor of being selected to the PITA Hall of Fame."


Art Fenton