2016 Washington State P.I.T.A. Trapshooting Tournament Results

Thirteen GHSC members competed in the 2016 Washington State PITA Championships in Little Rock, WA at the Evergreen Sportsman’s Club.  Also non-competing club members who visited the tournament included Brian Baldwin, Harlan Schmidt, and Doug Tenzler.  Club competitors included John Mullens, Art Fenton, Madison Cheyney, Teresa Rebo, Grant Lau, Mike McFall, Dave Sypher, Don Davies, John Cheyney, Scott Moore, Buck Buchanan, Le Rodenberg, and Pete Flaus. 


The number of competitors in each of the 10 events ranged from 81 in preliminary Doubles to 171 in the championship singles.  Each event consists of 100 targets, and some trophies are based on more than one event.  Gig Harbor shooters garnered a lion’s share of trophies:


John Mullens:  High All Around Champion (390/400 championship targets),  High Overall Champion (967/1000 targets), WA Doubles Champion (98/100), three more event championship trophies, plus two other class trophies, for a total of eight in all.


Art Fenton:  Class AA High Overall, Elder High All Around Champion, WA Singles Champion (199/200) and three other event class or category trophies; a total of six trophies in all. Most impressive is that Art accomplished all of this while being in charge of much of the shoot.


Madison Cheyney:  WA State Lady Hdcp Champion (3rd consecutive year), Sportco Hdcp Lady Champion, Kenmore Hdcp Lady Champion.


Teresa Rebo: WA State Lady Doubles Champion, Gig Harbor Dbls Lady Champion


Grant Lau:  WA State Vet Doubles Champion, Kenmore Hdcp Vet Champion. 


Michael McFall:  WA Hdcp Short Yard Champion R/U.


Gig Harbor shooters won a total of some 22 trophies, including the most prestigious High Overall and the High All Around.  Two of the three state championship events, Singles and Doubles, were won by club shooters. 


In the first half of the Singles Championship club members Art Fenton, Scott Moore, and Grant Lau were members of a five person squad that all went 25 straight on the same trap for a total of 125x125.


Article written by Grant Lau.