2016 Seafood Shoot Results

On Friday, 9/23/16, the 2016 Seafood Shoot was off to a challenging beginning, with temperatures well below normal, just enough rain to keep things wet, and high winds to top things off.  Day one of the competition was a bit more challenging than normal…okay, a lot more challenging.  


Trapshooting warriors are a brave bunch, however, and not so easily swayed away from the sport they so enjoy.  Many braved the elements, doing their best at crushing the clays despite the odds.  After all, some had traveled great distances to participate in the final PITA tournament of the year in this neck of the woods. One trapshooter came all the way from Ohio to enjoy the pleasure of shooting side-by-side with his two sons.  We also had competitors from Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.


If you ever want to watch some fun trapshooting, come on a windy day like Friday was!  You’ll see some astounding shooting, as the targets dip, weave, dive, skyrocket and in general do some of the most bizarre dancing in the wind imaginable.  Somehow some shooters still managed to track and crush them, against the greatest of all odds.  Nate Teesdale broke 92/100 on Friday, during these high winds.  He was the only one to break 90 or above in that event, winning the 90s handicap challenge of the day.  This is especially remarkable given that Nate just recently earned his spot on the 27-yard line.  Amazing job, Nate!


Once the games were over on Friday many gathered in the clubhouse to warm by the fire, share delicious food brought by all (thank you!), play a round, or two, of cribbage or cards, and in general get caught up with each other.  


Saturday and especially Sunday the weather was much more conducive to providing a friendly environment for clay crushing.  Saturday was decent, and Sunday was nearly perfect.  The shooter-friendly weather, combined with the new Pat-Traps running flawlessly, made for ideal conditions.  All in all we had up to 67 competitors in each event, Singles, Doubles and Handicap Saturday and Sunday.


Trapshooting is a wonderful family-friendly sport.  We had the pleasure of watching 3 generations of Tiegs compete, all amazing trapshooters. Roy Tiegs, who has the distinction of being one of a very select few in the PITA Hall-of-Fame, shot with his son Rodger, and grandson, Josh Tiegs.  All three have made a name for themselves in the world of competitive trapshooting.


We had other father/son competitors, as well as mother/daughter competitors, parents, spouses, significant others and other family members either competing together or cheering for their loved-ones as they took on the challenge of competitive trapshooting.


Saturday night’s seafood dinner was fabulous.  Traditionally it is full of delectable seafood and sides, and this year didn’t disappoint.  Hungry competitors and guests were treated to Salmon, cod, steamer clams and a wide array of sides and desserts.  


And Saturday night wouldn’t be the same without the traditional gathering under the pavilion after dinner to swap stories, share jokes and lots of laughs while being treated to the most incredibly delicious dessert drink around, Boone Shakes.  It’s been said that calories don’t count on Seafood Shoot weekend, but even if they did these shakes are worth it!  It’s a great moment when Boone powers up the blender and becomes the mixmaster with the mostest for the evening, keeping everyone happily supplied with his special cocktail.  Thank you, Boone!


The shoot ran perfectly, thanks to Seafood Shoot event coordinators, team captains and overall Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club extraordinaires John Cheyney and Tom Lovrovich.  Thank you!  John and Tom’s tireless efforts, preparing for months in advance, made the three-day shoot run like clockwork. John and Tom were joined by a fabulous group of volunteers, both club members and people from other clubs, who all pitched in to help score, keep the machines loaded, clean the fields, run the kitchen, etc.  Thank you to each and every one of you!  We could not have done it without you!


Thanks also to Bobby McLendon and Dave Teesdale for an awesome job cashiering.  You kept things running like a perfectly oiled machine…thank you!


A special thanks to our sponsors, who contributed $3,950 in added money. THANK YOU! Please be sure to thank these sponsors when you see them, and keep them top of mind when you need their products or services : All American Armory - Products and Services - 360-766-4056, Cruise and Travel Experts - "Serving valued travelers since 1980." - 360-692-9611, Glen Cove Repair, LLC -  "We do quality repairs at a reasonable price." - 253-884-1838, Colvos Law - (253) 229-0708, Genuine Auto Glass - "Great Service is in your neighborhood" - 253-471-9000, Magnum Enterprises - All-Weather Services - 907-617-6265, Recluse LLC, "The Perfect Pocket Holster" - 866-960-1264, Sportco - Warehouse Sporting Goods - (253) 922-2222, Tacoma Dodge -  Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, SRT - "Prices and Service that Can’t be Beat" - 253-475-7300, The Float Pub & Grill - "Loved by Locals" - 253.857.3897, Tracy's Quality Painting, Inc. - "Quality Homes Deserve the Best" - 253-858-8242, Wind Walker Express - Transport Service Company - 253-884-6018,


The 3-day tournament can best be wrapped up with the sentiments of the participants themselves.  When asked “What’s your favorite part of the Seafood Shoot” the following responses were given:


“This is my first year shooting.  Numerous times when I participated in shoots at other facilities, I was told if there was but one event that I could attend it should be your Gig Harbor Seafood Shoot.  Oh, how truthful they were.  Not to be overshadowed by the phenomenal dinner, your facility has everything you could ask for; a distinguished setting, a background second to none, very consistent birds from house to house, all complemented by an exceptional hosting staff.  Awesome all the way around!” Anonymous

“Food and friendship” Bill Kacenas

“The gathering of friends and shooters enjoying a great event for so many years.” JB Shattuck

“Darline’s Cookies” Anonymous

“Gig Harbor now has 4 new Pat-Traps, the quality of targets has dramatically improved.  The scores are up and the shooters are happy.  The social side of “Seafood” is a great draw.  Well done to the Gig Harbor Club.” Art Fenton

“The people working the shoot are awesome! I’m a new shooter and this is only my second event and so far the best run shoot!  Thanks!  I had a great time and met a lot of great folks.” Steve C.

“The people.” James T. Gillis

“Seeing old friends and meeting new people!” Anonymous

“The scorer lady on trap #4.” Rusty Bunn

“GHSC members, program, shooting, wonderful seafood and potluck.” Dean VanNostern

“I go to a lot of shoots and this one is my favorite.  It is organized so well and runs like a well-oiled machine.  It keeps getting better each year.” Anonymous

“Of course, the food! Also keeping up with all the fellow shooters and different gun club activities.  We always enjoy this shoot.  Thanks for all of your hard work.” Jess & Kathy Mathews

“Visiting with each other.  So good to see friends you haven’t seen for a year.  Us wives meet other shooting widows.  And of course watching and cheering for your husband!  I love fixing my casserole for the fabulous pot luck!”  Barbara VanNostern

“Can’t limit to one thing! All of it!! The whole shoot was run smoothly.  No breakdowns, no broken targets and the people are great.  Food was excellent as always.  Only problem with the scorer kept calling “lost” on me!” Roy A. Tiegs

“We love the Gig Harbor shoot.  It’s always a very fun shoot, and everyone is so friendly. It’s great to have the seafood dinner, and we the shooters do the potluck stuff.  We visit with fellow shooters.  It’s just so relaxing. Thank you Gig Harbor for working so hard on the shoot.  We really appreciate everything you guys do for us. Most shooters have no idea what it takes to put a shoot on and never say thanks!” Jim & Sharon Gillis

“The shooting at this well-run facility with great people.” Mal Menzies, Juneau Alaska (The Great Land)

“I enjoy seeing all the work that goes on to put this shoot on, and how it is a total club effort.  Lots of people helping and truly enjoying the moment.  I have always enjoyed shooting at Gig Harbor.  It’s one of my top 5 clubs to shoot in the area.” Dave McCallum

“All the people. Tom L. & John C. have done an outstanding job.  Better than ever!” Anonymous

“The food!  The people!  The cookies!” Anonymous

 “Great program, great people and food. Always a blast. Good fun.” Jim Landon


"Besides the fact that I love trap shooting, and try to attend as many shoots a year as financially possible. My wife is allergic to shell fish. With her being allergic to shell fish, my wife will rarely eat any type of seafood. Add to that the difficulty in preparing one dinner for my wife and a “seafood” meal for myself when it is just the two of us. Then add on top of that my wife complaining about my “Stinking” up the house with the smell from cooking fish. I do not get to eat seafood very often and it is a real treat when I do. Typically, I get to enjoy seafood twice a year. Once at your “Seafood” shoot and once when Red Lobster has their all you can eat shrimp special and me and my neighbor (whose wife is also allergic to shell fish) go to eat shrimp.

Your Seafood Shoot is one that I look forward to every year, and for me is a must attend shoot. Add to that all the great people that manage, run, and volunteer during your shoot. I have made many new friends since I started shooting trap. I get to see quite a few of them at your seafood shoot as many consider your shoot as the last “Shoot” of the year." Jim Bradbury

Make your plans now to join us for the 2017 Seafood Shoot.  You’ll be glad you did!




Event 1 – Cruise & Travel Singles


Durland Fisher & Grand Lau – 99/100 – A Class


Greg Miner – 98/100 – B Class


Le Rodenberg – 99/100 – C Class


Roy Tiegs – 95/100 – D Class


Event 2 – Sportco Handicap


Winner - Nate Teesdale – 92/100


R/Up – Curtis Baker & Grant Lau – 88/100


Event 3– Singles


Nate Teesdale – 100/100 – A Class


Roy Harvey – 99/100 – B Class


Le Rodenberg & Joan Hermle – 99/100 – C Class


Dan Albro – 96/100 – D Class


Event 4 – Tacoma Dodge Handicap


Winner Jerry Conn & Gage Huber – 95/100


Event 5 – Glen Cove Repair Doubles


Bob McLendon – 95/100 – A Class


Art Fenton & Charles Stacey – 95/100 – B Class


Lori Kuhns, Paul Baker & Jim Gillis – 89/100 – C Class


Lynn Wilkins – 88/100 – D Class


Event 6 – Windwalker Handicap


Winner – Lee Bailey – 94/100


R/Up – Cliff Nelson – 93/100




Art Fenton 283/300 – A Class


Jennifer Anex – 278/300 – B Class


Le Rodenberg – 272/300 – C Class


Dan Albro – 262/300 – D Class


Charles Stacey – 276/300 – Veteran


Teresa Rebo – 267/300 – Lady


Josh Tiegs – 273/300 – Junior




Art Fenton - 548/600 – Champion


Bob McLendon – 543/600 – A Class


Greg Miner – 542/600 – B Class


Le Rodenberg – 533/600 – C Class


Cliff Nelson – 524/600 – D Class


Charles Stacey – 542/600 - Veteran