2016 PITA Grand Pacific Results

Several Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club trapshooting enthusiasts competed in the 2016 Grand Pacific Championships, a PITA (Pacific International Trapshooting Association) tournament.  In all, 8 trophies were brought home by club members. 


Friends and trapshooters gathered from all over the northwest, including Washington, Idaho, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Alaska and Montana, as well as from Canada, to participate in the largest PITA event of the year.  This annual event was held at the Evergreen Sportsman’s Club in Evergreen Washington on July 24 – 30, 2016, for 7 fun-filled days. 


The week-long tournament was marked by hot weather, and even hotter scores.  Temperatures were consistently in the high 80’s, and winning scores in the events were consistently in the high 90’s, if not perfect 100’s. 


As an example of how tough the competition was, in one of the preliminary singles events a tie was finally settled in a shoot-off with the winner breaking an additional 175 consecutive targets; indicative of the level of competition to come.


Overall, ten Gig Harbor members competed; William Benton, Buck Buchannan, Madison Cheyney, Don Davies, Art Fenton, Grant Lau, Mike McFall, Scott Moore, John Mullins, Teresa Rebo, Le Rodenberg, Dave Sypher. 


Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club members distinguished themselves over the course of the seven-day shoot.  Club member trophy winners are:


Event 5 Tilden Trophies Handicap

Champion R/U – William Benton – 97/100


Event 8 Medford Gun Club Doubles: 

Champion – Grant Lau – 99/100

AA Class Champion – John Mullins – 98/100

Lady – Teresa Rebo – 93/100


Event 10  28 Gauge Singles

C Class – Don Davies 41/100 (tied with Greg Miner, Greg won in long run)


Event 11 & 14 Singles Championship

AAA R/U – John Mullins – 198/200

Elder – Art Fenton – 197/200 (tied with Daro Handy, Art won by forfeit)


Event 16 Doubles Championship

AA Class – John Mullins - 98/100


In addition to the above trophies, the following club members were both lucky and skilled enough to win a new shotgun or rifle; William Benton, Mike McFall, Scott Moore.


Congratulations club winners!  Thanks for representing our club well!