2016 PITA All Star Team

2017 PITA All Star Team Captain, John Mullins
2017 PITA All Stars Art Fenton and Grant Lau

Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club has 3 members on the Pacific International Trapshooting Association (PITA) 2016 All Star Team, including All Star Captain, John Mullins! John has qualified for the All Star Team 6 times over his shooting career.  Art Fenton and Grant Lau also qualified.  This makes Art's 11 year as an All Star, and Grant's 6th year. CONGRATULATIONS, sharpshooters! 


To make the All Star team, a shooter must qualify in several different ways.  They must shoot a minimum number of targets (from 1000 to 1700 in singles and handicap, depending on the category, as well as 500 to 1100 doubles).  These are bare minimums.  Most competitors shoot far more than required.  Last year one All Star, for example, shot over 17,000 targets in the 2016 target year.  That's a lot of trigger pulling and clay crushing! And those are only the registered tournament targets, not counting fun shoots, practice, etc.


In addition to the minimum, participants must also shoot at no less than 5 different venues, and participate in at least 2 High All Around events (200 singles, 100 handicap, 100 doubles) in 2 major tournaments, which include the Grand and state shoots.


Once they have satisfied the above criteria, scores for the 2016 target year, from all three disciplines, are added and divided by 3 to compute a total average.  Teams are then compiled based on high average


Here are the stats for our All Stars:.


2016 ALLSTAR TEAMS NAME  Total_Targets Years on Team  Yardage  Total_Avg
Allstar Captain John Mullins, WA 5,800 6 27 .9593
Elder Team - 3rd Place Art Fenton, WA 7,500 11 27 .9027
Veteran Team - 4th Place Grant Lau 5,850 6 27 .9227


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