2016 GHSC Annual Election Results

Results of the August 18, 2016 election are as follows:


  • Treasurer Position
    • Dick Barnes - 30 Votes - Reelected for another term
  • Membership Secretary:
    • No Candidate - Position vacant
  • Board Positions:
    • Tom Lovrovich - 34 Votes - Reelected to 3-year term
    • Doug McLean - 26 Votes - Tied - Coin toss for 1-year term
    • Kevin Mullen - 26 Votes - Tied - Coin toss for 3-year term
    • JB Shattuck - 32 Votes - Elected for 3-year term


Thank you to all who came out and participated in the process.  Thank you also to our elected officers.  We are grateful to you for stepping up to the plate. And thanks to John Cheyney, Bruce Macdonald and Le Rodenberg, the election committee, for doing an outstanding job.




The official ballot is now closed. Voting will take place at the annual meeting on August 18, 2016 at 7:00pm.


  • Voting will begin as soon as the general meeting goes to recess.
  • Nominations may be made from the floor at the annual meeting.
  • Nominees must be present when nominated or have given their consent in writing prior to being accepted as a nominee.
  • All nominees will become a write-in on the ballot.
  • All candidates must have been a member in good standing for at least one year.


This year’s ballot will look like this, and here are the candidates:


  • Treasurer Position
    • Dick Barnes
  • Membership Secretary:
    • No Candidate
  • Board Positions:
    • Tom Lovrovich
    • Doug McLean
    • Kevin Mullen
    • JB Shattuck
      • For 2016, the 3 highest “vote recipients” will fill the 3 – 3 year Board terms.  The 4th highest “vote recipient” will fill the 1 year Board term.


Absentee Ballots will be available for those who wish or cannot attend the August 18, 2016 General Membership Meeting and Annual Election.  For absentee ballots, please contact Election & Nominations Committee Chairperson John Cheyney at (253) 549-3662.  Absentee ballots must be returned by August 15, 2016, or delivered by the voting member at the Annual Election on August 18, 2016.


  • Voting by Proxy is not allowed, nor may any other member submit a ballot for another member other than their spouse.  Any ballot handled by anyone other than the respective member, their spouse, the Election & Nominations Committee Chairperson or the Chairperson’s designee prior to tally will be disqualified.


To learn about the candidates, click here to view their biographies.


If there are any questions, please contact anyone on the Elections Committee; John Cheyney, Bruce Macdonald or Le Rodenberg, if you are interested in running for an officer or a board position:

cheyndawg@comcast.net     mbcom@prodigy.com     lerodenberg@hotmail.com



Please consider further participation in your club.


Your contribution to this process is most welcome.