2016 Candidate Statements

Candidate statements are in alphabetical order, by first name, in the case of multiple candidates running for the same office.


Running for the office of Secretary:




Running for the office of Treasurer:


Dick Barnes

Dick BarnesI am a NRA Life Member, lifetime shooting enthusiast, and proud to be an officer at GHSC.  I spent 15 years starting, managing, then selling my own companies, and the last 30 years helping others do the same. One truth I’ve learned is that bookkeeping should be done in a simple, straight-forward, and easy-to-understand fashion with financial reports simple enough that anyone can understand them.  In my 4 years as Treasurer of GHSC it has been my goal to keep it simple; as simplicity equals transparency in financial reporting.


Something else I’ve learned as Treasurer is just how important volunteers are at GHSC. The fact is, without our range officers, board members, kitchen crew, and work parties we would not have this facility and this club. If you are a member who has not yet joined us in a Saturday work party or other function, we would love to have you do so.  Don’t be shy...you’ll have fun and meet new people, and help keep GHSC a fun and safe place to practice our shooting sports.




Running for the office of Director, 4 positions open (3 – 3 year positions and 1 – 1 year position):



Doug Mclean


Thank you for the nomination.


My wife and I have been Life Members of GHSC since 1994.  Since I joined the club I have been volunteering in various capacities, currently I am a Board member and have been the R/P Range Maintenance Chairperson for the last 9 years, I have been an RO with RSO credentials for the last 12 years. 


Since I have been on the Board it has been very gratifying to not only be part of executing the board’s directives but to now play a major role in the planning and governing of the club activities.


My background in both fabrication and the management of facilities as well as people uniquely qualifies me to make informed decisions in an experienced way to affect the club’s smooth and safe operations.  In the past few years I have lead the way to design, fabricate, and with a great group of other volunteers, upgraded the design and repaired the R/P range’s armored laminate baffling system, the concrete pad in front of all the shooting stations, the barn sized sliding steel door, and  the target retrieval system on the pistol side.  I have also participated in orientation program, which has reduced the maintenance load substantially, by 90%.  In the past years the club has spent tens of thousands of dollars on the R/P range and I have been proud to be a part of it.


I would be appreciative of your vote so I can continue to help in the management of the club’s assets.