2015 Seafood Shoot Results

2015 Seafood Shoot

The 2015 Seafood Shoot, our annual Pacific International Trapshooting Association (PITA) tournament, is now a wonderful memory for so many.  Friday, September 25, 2015 through Sunday, September 27, 2015 trapshooters from near and far gathered to catch up with each other, share stories and break the clays in the last registered PITA tournament in our area for the year.  After a fun summer of tournaments, this annual event brings the competitive trapshooting year to an end for so many.


It was a great sendoff, with wonderful weather Saturday and Sunday, high spirits, great targets and delectable fixins’.  This year’s event did not disappoint; a great time was had by all. 


Our spectacular shoot coordinators, John Cheyney and Tom Lovrovich, continually demonstrated their breadth of skills as they seamlessly transitioned from trap help, shoot coordinators, to master cooks.  Not only did they start everyone's day off with a delicious breakfast, but they also let their master BBQ selves shine at Saturday's seafood dinner as John Cheyney and Captain Lovrovich prepared salmon on the BBQ that was so mouthwateringly delicious many commented that it was the best salmon they had ever tasted.  They were assisted by Dave Sypher and Don Davies, who prepared deep fried cod and razor clams to perfection, and Scott Moore and Thom Halligan who prepared BBQ oysters on yet another BBQ.  As if that wasn’t enough, a huge pot of steamer clams topped off the gorgeous array of seafood.


All this was accompanied by scrumptious side dishes and desserts.  THANK YOU to all who brought things to share, helping to make the dinner fabulous.  Your participation is GREATLY APPRECIATED.


Later in the evening, those hanging around the pavilion and clubhouse were treated to what has become another annual tradition, Boone Shakes.  Let’s just say they are an adult version of the most fantastic milkshake your taste buds have ever experienced.  Armed with an extension cord, blender, ice cream and special sauce, Boone became the mix master, treating everyone to a taste bud sensation.  It was the perfect way to top off the fun day.  Thanks, Boone!


It takes a boat load of people to put on our 3-day tournament, and we have the best captains and deck hands possible.  Starting with Captain Tom Lovrovich and shoot Captain John Cheyney, who worked all year organizing the event, raising funds and coordinating everything, to the abundance of tireless volunteers who gave freely and joyfully of their time to ensure a wonderful time was had by all.  We extend a HUGE "THANK YOU" shout-out to all of our truly amazing tournament volunteers.  We’ll attempt to name them all, but if anyone is missed by name please rest assured that your efforts were not in vain.  Each and everyone’s efforts are appreciated beyond belief.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all our volunteers, including Art Fenton, Ben Pearson, Brain Baldwin, Bruce Macdonald, Caroline Nicodemus, Chuck Nicodemus, Chuck Treat, Darline Sypher, Darren Foreman, Dave Sypher, Don Davies, Guy Southard, Harlan Schmidt, J.B. Shattuck, Jeannie Rodenberg, Joel Messing, John Fowler, John Mullens, Julie Cheyney, Kevin Mullen, Kierstyn Foreman, Kirk Foreman, Kirk Runion, Le Rodenberg, Madison Cheyney, Michael Smith, Norine Mullen, Pete Mitchell, Peter Baird, Rick Gaida, Ruth Hjalseth, Scott Moore, Shannon Foreman, Shirley Treat, Teresa Rebo, Thom Halligan, Toby Patton, Tom Mulledy and William Benton.


Special honors also to those from other clubs for assisting, more than this volunteer is aware of.  When it came time to clean up shells, assist with the meals, or anything else so many jumped in to help. THANK YOU to you all!  Some include the Keller, Teesdale, Tiegs, and Heinz families for your endless support in any way needed, Rusty Bunn for working the handicap table and Janet McFall for scoring.  This is not exhaustive, however, as so many others pitched in as well.  Again, thank you ALL!


Now, on to the shooters who won the highest bragging rights, not to mention money and for HAA a wooden fish, custom made by John and Madison Cheyney.  Last years fish trophy was of a salmon, and this year the trophy was modeled after a halibut.  Plan now on coming to next years shoot to see what the chosen fish is for 2016's trophy.


The HAA Fish Trophy Winners:
A Class Gage Wade-Huber 275/300
B Class Nate Teesdale 273/300
C Class Bill Kacenas 263/300
D Class Roy Tiegs 261/300
Lady Jennifer Anex 266/300
Vet Grant Lau and Mark Rensi 268/300
JR Josh Tiegs 275/300


HOA Winners:
Champion Mark Rensi 542/600
A Class Russell Bunn 538/600
B Class Nathan Teesdale 540/600
C Class Ernest Teachman 524/600
D Class John Webb 503/600


Winners by Event:
Event 1 – Tacoma Dodge Singles

A Class Ronald Hull and Bob McLendon 98/100
B Class Bobby Cox and Rudy Martinak 98/100
C Class Frank Green, Ernest Teachman and Bob Dickinson 95/100
D Class John Webb 90/100


Event 2 – Colvos Law Handicap
Winner Tom Rock 93/100
R/U Pete Mitchell, Mark Rensi, and Melvin Weythman 92/100


Event 3 – Genuine Auto Glass Singles
A Class Boone Heinz 99/100
B Class Jennifer Anex 99/100
C Class Frank Green 97/100
D Class Craig Levee 90//100


Event 4 – Sportco Handicap
Winner Mel Weythman 94/100
Runner Up William Kacenas 93/100


Event 5 – Glen Cove Repair Doubles
A Class Jon Thompson 91/100
B Class Gage Wade-Huber and Nate Teesdale 94/100
C Class Roy Tiegs 89/100
D Class Mark Rensi and Jerry Conn 83/100


Event 6 - All American Armory Handicap
Winner Jim Landon 91/100
Runner Up Mark Rensi 90/100


A special thanks to our sponsors, who contributed $2,700 in added money. THANK YOU! Please be sure to thank these sponsors as when you see them: All American Armory - Products and Services - 360-766-4056, Glen Cove Repair, LLC -  "We do quality repairs at a reasonable price." - 253-884-1838, Colvos Law - (253) 229-0708, Genuine Auto Glass - "Great Service is in your neighborhood" - 253-471-9000, Sportco - Warehouse Sporting Goods - (253) 922-2222, Tacoma Dodge -  Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, SRT - "Prices and Service that Can’t be Beat" - 253-475-7300, and Tracy's Quality Painting, Inc. - "Quality Homes Deserve the Best" - 253-858-8242.


Multiple winner, Bill Kacenas donated back $133.00 of his winnings to Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club as seed money to begin a youth shooting program.  THANK YOU, Bill.  Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated.


It’s never too soon to begin preparing for the next Seafood Shoot, so mark your calendars now for the last weekend in September 2016 and we’ll see you there.