2015 PITA WA State Tournament

2015 PITA WA State Tournament

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GHSC was well represented at the 82nd Annual Washington State PITA Trapshooting Tournament, held in Littlerock, Washington from July 8th through 12th, 2015.


Trapshooting enthusiasts gathered to, once again, enjoy competing, along with the fun and fellowship that comes with it.  Overall attendance was good, slightly higher than last year, and everyone was treated to cooperative weather…mostly.  There were a few slight drizzles one day, and some clouds to contend with here and there, but overall conditions were favorable.


In our usual style, Gig Harbor was well represented.  We have some trapshooting rock stars among us!! 


John Mullins brought home a truckload of trophies.  The 5-day tournament consisted of 10 events, and John brought home 7 trophies.  Considering the competition, that is quite the feat! 


Two of the trophies John won were in recognition of the highest achievement possible, High All Around, which is the combined total of all 4 Championship events representing 100 doubles, 100 handicap and 200 singles, AND High Over All, which is the combined total score of all 10 events.  John reigned supreme in both categories.  An amazing performance!


Individually, John brought home the gold in Event 2 Handicap, as Champion with a score of 97/100; AA Class winner in Event 4 Doubles, crushing 99/100, and then followed that performance with a perfect score in Event 5 Singles, shooting 100/100, taking home the AA Class trophy.  Event 8 Doubles presented John with yet another opportunity to show his doubles prowess, and he did not disappoint.  Shooting a near perfect score of 99/100, he was once again Champion of all shooters.  In combined Events 7 and 9, 200 Singles Championship,  John took home the AA Class RunnerUp trophy with a score of 198/200.


Next time you see John be sure to shake his hand and congratulate him for an outstanding showing at the 2015 State.


John wasn’t our only rock star.  Grant Lau was a big winner as well, bringing home 5 shiny, new trophies to memorialize the tournament.  Grant started off the competition by breaking 98/100 in Event 1 Singles, winning the Veteran category.  Event 3 Handicap rolled around and Grant, once again, won the Veteran category, shooting a score of 93/100.  Now fully warmed up, he went out and crushed them all in Event 5 Singles, shooting a perfect score of 100/100.  Another Veteran category win.  Grant wound the winnings up with, yes, yet another Veteran category win for combined Events 7/9, Championship Singles, with a near perfect score of 198/200.  Way to go, Grant!


Then there is our very own Madison Cheyney.  Maddy defended, and maintained, her title as Lady Handicap Champion once again this year, shooting a score of 90/100 in Event 9 Handicap.  Pat Carter gave her a run for her money, tying her score, but Maddy showed Pat how it’s done in a shootoff, winning with a 23/25. This is Madison’s 3rd win as State Lady Handicap Champion!  This is particularly notable given that Maddy has been concentrating on things other than trapshooting, like school, for the last year.  Congratulations on your rock star performance, Maddy!


Other members of our rock star group included Art Fenton, who shot a 99/100 in Event 1 Singles, winning the Senior category, and Bob Wallin, shooting a 91/100 in Event 8 Doubles, walking away with the C Class trophy.  One of our newest members, Curtis Baker, brought home a trophy as well for Championship Handicap RunnerUp with a score of 93/100.


To top things off, our very own Gig Harbor team won the team competition again this year, with the highest combined score of all teams throughout the entire state of Washington for the 200 Singles Championship event.  This is the second consecutive year that the Gig Harbor Team has been the best in the state.  The team shot a combined total score of 765 out of 800 targets, crushing the clays beyond recognition.  This year's team consisted of Art Fenton, representing AA Class with a score of 196/200, Grant Lau, representing A Class with a score of 198/200, Le Rodenberg representing B Class with a score of 183/200 and Don Davies, representing C Class with a score of 188/200.


As you can tell by these great performances, it was a great tournament for Gig Harbor members!  The next time you see any one of these great trapshooters, be sure to congratulate them on their outstanding performances.


See you next year!


For more pictures of the tournament on Flickr, click here.