2015 Election Results

THANK YOU, to all candidates, for your dedication to Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club!  Your time and dedication are greatly appreciated.


The votes have been counted, the tallies complete and the results for the 2015 election are:


Rick Gaida - 71 Votes - Elected for 2-year term.

Kevin Mullen - 44 Votes

Andy Coster - 30 Votes

Vice President:

Terry Holm - 126 Votes - Elected for 2-year term.


Darline Sypher - 141 Votes - Elected for 2-year term.

Recording Secretary:

Norine Mullen - 131 Votes - Elected for 2-year term.

Board Position:

John Cheyney - 101 Votes - Elected for 3-year term.

Bruce Macdonald - 83 Votes - Elected for 3-year term.

Dan McGrew, Jr. - 80 Votes - Elected for 3-year term.

Chuck Nicodemus - 59 Votes - Appointed to 2-year term in position vacated by Terry Holm, whom was elected Vice President.

JB Shattuck - 47 Votes

Tim Anable - 31 Votes

Mary Jordan (Write-In) - 5 Votes


By-Law Change:
Yes - 72 Votes
No - 62 Votes


Required to Pass: 89 Votes - Proposed Change Rejected


Thank You to Buck Buchanan for, once again, providing his famous beans for dinner!  They were delectable.  A special thanks as well goes out to Ruthie and Shirley for their dedication in ensuring everyone had an opportunity to get something delicious to eat.  And to everyone who brought a dessert, thank you, too!


Speaking of thanks, special thanks to Guy Southard, Doug McLean, and Teresa Rebo for doing the tedious task of tallying the votes, and for John Fowler for providing an extra eagle eye to ensure accuracy! 


Also, a HUGE thanks to election committee members Doug McLean, Guy Southard, and Don Davies for their hard work. 


Finally, thank you to all members who participated in the election and attended the Annual Meeting. Your participation is vitally important.


Next time you see one of the new Officers or Board Members, be sure to congratulate them, and thank them for stepping up to the plate.


Also be sure to thank our outgoing Officers and Board Members for their time and dedication during their tenure.


Don Davies - Election Committee Member