2014 Seafood Shoot Results and Recap

2014 Seafood Shoot

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The 2014 P.I.T.A. Seafood Shoot was a huge success! Trapshooting enthusiasts came in droves to the Maritime City to participate in this fulfilled weekend of trapshooting.


New skippers of the shoot, John Cheyney and Tom Lovrovich, along with chief mate, Madison Cheyney, read the nautical charts like pros, expertly navigating the waters and making the shoot purr along perfectly, like a well-oiled engine. 


The weather this year was very cooperative, ranging from nice to absolutely spectacular on Saturday.  Overall it was perfect shooting weather; warm, sunny (Saturday), and low wind. Thanks to all for the sun dance…or perhaps more accurately, no-rain dance.  It worked! 


In all 90 shooters came from near and far to do their best at crushing over 32,000 targets as they flew through the sky. A special shout-out goes to the shooter who traveled the furthest, Paul Baker.  Paul came all the way from Ohio, to shoot with his sons, Curtis and Paul, when at the 11th hour Curtis was deployed, leaving Friday morning, the day the shoot began!  We missed your presence, Curtis!  We also salute you, and thank you for being the soldier you are, fighting for our country. 


Fortunately, Paul’s other son, Paul, a sailor, was with us, and the two Pauls had fun shooting, and competing, side-by-side throughout the competition.


They shot alongside other father/son combinations, including the Teriffic Tiegs Trio, Roy, Rodger and Josh, all amazing shooters; and the Dynamic Duo, Jason and Gage.  Keep your eye on Gage….at 11 he is a formidable opponent who is sure to make history books if he stays with the sport.


There was also a father/mother/son combo; Pat, Peggy and Don, mother/daughter combo; Debbie and Jennifer, husband/wife combos, and sweetheart combos, all competing against each other, and others, while having a blast together.


Did we mention that this is a very family-friendly sport?!!!


It is also a chair-friendly sport.  New shooter, Chuck, recently discovered this is a sport he can participate in, and he loves it!  He’s quite the competitor, too.  Another one to keep your eye on!


It took a boatload of deck hands to run this shoot successfully.  Great big thanks go out to Le and Art for expertly handicapping and squadding, Dave for keeping the machines throwing targets according to regulation, Thom who made the grounds look great, Bruce for expertly coordinating the kitchen, keeping everyone nourished, Darline for spoiling us with her traditional seemingly endless tray of delicious cookies, countless scorekeepers, trap loaders, score runners, cooks, and cashiers.


To EVERY volunteer, please accept our very heartfelt THANK YOU for your contribution!  Without your help this shoot could not have run as smoothly as it did. THANK YOU for donating your time and effort for everyone else’s benefit. 


This Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club annual event is called the “Seafood Shoot” because the club sponsors a fabulous dinner on Saturday night, featuring fresh seafood of many varieties, including cod, bbq salmon, smoked salmon, oysters, razor clams and steamer clams all augmented by delightfully delicious side dishes and desserts.  The seafood was expertly chosen, prepared and cooked by our shoot co-chairs, John and Tom, with the assistance of shipmates Dave and Thom on the grill and fryer,  and many, many others for all of the other dishes.  Thanks to all the fabulous cooks who brought dishes to share! 


Speaking of goodies, special thanks go out to Boone and Dave for sharing their incredibly delicious grogs with those hanging around the pavilion Saturday night after dinner.  Boone’s decedent treat involves a blender and lots of secret sauce….let’s just say they are like potato chips, it’s hard to stop at one! Both Boone and Dave’s generosity is greatly appreciated!


And now the top scores…..


High Over All Winners (Events 2, 3 and 4 combined totals), going home with the custom wooden fish trophies, crafted specifically for this shoot by John, Tom and Maddie:


A Class – Durland Fischer - 277/300


B Class – Scott Moore - 276/300


C Class – Gary Webster - 254/300


D Class – Roy Tiegs - 260/300


Junior – Gage Wade-Hube - 267/300


Lady - Pat Carter - 180/300


Veteran – Rudy Martinak - w/c/t with Charles Stacey - 276/300


High All Around Winners (Combination of Events 1 - 6)


CHAMPION - Scott Moore (2014 Rookie of the Year) - 553/600


A Class – Durland Fischer - 552/600


B Class – Don Bare - 544/600


C Class – Gary Webster - 528/600


D Class – Pat Manyon - 497/600


High scores, by event are:


Event 1 – Handicap


Champion – Tie: Don Bare and Dave Teesdale – 93/100


Veteran – Rudy Martinak – 92/100


Junior - Gage Wade-Huber – 85/100


Lady – Peggy Bare


Event 2 – Doubles


Champion/Class C/Junior – Gage Wade-Huber – 95/100


Veteran/Class A – Charles Stacey – 93/100


B Class – Doug Riemers – 94/100


D Class – Scott Moore – 90/100


Lady – Debbie Anex


Event 3 – Singles


Champion (3-way tie) – A Class – Tie: Zach Keller and Jon Thompson – 99/100


Champion (3-way tie) – B Class – Jim Bradbury = 99/100


C Class – Bob Armanino – 95/100


D Class – Don Reimers – 92/100


Veteran – Rich Evans – 98/100


Junior – Joshua Tiegs – 94/100


Lady – Pat Carter – 92/100


Event 4 - Handicap


Champion – Tie: Jason Huber and Rudy Martinak – 94/100


Lady – Pat Carter – 88/100


Junior – Tie: Josh Tiegs and Gage Wade-Huber


Event 5 – Singles


Champion/A Class/B Class/Junior – Tie: Bob Mclendon and Josh Tiegs – 99/100


C Class – Gary Webster – 97/100


D Class – Chuck Wallace – 95/100


Veteran – Tie: Art Fenton, Durland Fischer and Grant Lau – 98/100


Lady – Jennifer Anex – 94/100


Event 6 – Handicap


Champion – Gary Webster – 94/100


Veteran – Grant Lau – 90/100


Lady – Madison Cheyney – 84/100


Junior – Josh Tiegs – 87/100


We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.  Mark your calendars now for the next Pacific International Trapshooting Association registered Seafood Shoot, September 25-27, 2015.  Spread the word, bring your friends and family, and come have a wonderful time!