2014 Interclub Results

2014 Interclub Participants


Based on your 5 highest scores out of 6 shoots.


High overall For the League was John Mullins of Bremerton with 5 shoots 478


High overall for Bremerton John Mullins of with 5 shoots 478.


High overall for Poulsbo with 5 shoots Steve Rupp 471.        


High overall for Gig Harbor with 5 shoots Scott Moore 454.


High overall for Port Angeles with 5 shoots Steve Henrickson 381.


High Overall for Port Townsend with 5 shoots John Ryan 429.


High Overall for Bainbridge with 5 shoots Larry Ball 435.


Club Overall


Poulsbo    2765


Bremerton       639


Gig Harbor      2619


Port Angeles   2534


Bainbridge      2521


Port Townsend   2339


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Thanks to all for another great year!  Keep your skills sharp and we'll see you again next year.