2014 Grand Pacific Trapshooting Tournament Results

2014 Grand Pacific Trapshooting Tournament

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There was never a dull moment around the Gig Harbor/Eastern Washington buddies camp at the 2014 Pacific Grand P.I.T.A. Trapshooting Tournament. 


The biggest annual trapshooting event in our area, this tournament is looked forward to all year by many Northwestern trapshooting enthusiasts.  And for good reason!  To sum it up in three words, “It’s a blast!”. 


Nearly 400 trapshooters of all skill levels converge from 10 western states to see friends they haven’t seen in a year (as well as those they have), exchange stories and share laughter, and, of course, participate in the challenging sport of shooting clay targets which are flying through the air at 42 MPH.


And shoot they did!  16 events over 7 days.  For those who chose to shoot the entire program, that amounted to 1,600 targets they attempted to crush.  Definitely not for the faint of heart!  Oh, and there were shoot-offs and special events as well, so there was shooting-a-plenty.  Let’s just say that reloaders have some catching up to do to replenish their supply of shells!


One of the fun things about this sport is that it is friendly for ages which span generations.  That being the case, there were several instances of parents competing with their children, including our very own new-shooting duo, Dennis and Matthew Carter.  And who wouldn’t be inspired by witnessing Jason and one-of-a-kind Gage shoot on the same squad.  They are awesome!


One could even enjoy watching three generations of trapshooters competing against each other!  In fact, the winner of the Browning Championship Handicap and Calcutta was none other than Josh Tiegs, who shot 100 straight!  Josh was the only shooter to shoot a perfect score in that particular event.  This is even more remarkable given that Josh was shooting from new yardage, as he had earned 2 yards previously in the week.  Now, with this win, he has shot himself back as far as possible, now at the 27 yard line, with all the pros.  To add to the amazement Josh has earned a total of 7 yards this year alone!  Remarkable!!  Josh’s trapshooting father, Rodger, and trapshooting grandpa, Roy, could not have been prouder!  Deservedly so!! Way to go, Tiegs clan!


Of course our camp was filled with winners of all kinds, too!  And not only our local and Eastern Washington champs. We had the pleasure of several trapshooting friends coming all the way from Hawaii to join in the fun as well.  They brought their gloriously sunny smiles and amazing shooting prowess, to win several events.


Any recap of the fun week would be not be complete without a mention of the delectable dining we all enjoyed.  Anyone who has never experienced 5-star outdoor-dining has never been to our camp! Our palates were treated to the most amazing array of gourmet dining; from poke brought all the way from the Hawaiian Islands, to leg of lamb, mouth-watering bbq chicken, spiral sliced ham, beef stroganoff, fried fresh oysters and razor clams, shrimp kabobs and soft-shell crab...all accompanied by delightfully delicious side-dishes, appetizers and desserts.  Thank you to everyone who contributed! 


And a huge thanks goes out to Katie Evans, Linda Keller, Sharon Price and Jeannie Rodenberg for making a special trip to Westport, Washington to pick up the fresh seafood, plus wine from a local winery or two, for our final night’s extravaganza.  Your efforts made the evening that much more special!


To say we ate like kings and queens would be putting it mildly!  All under festive party lights, compliments of the Rodenbergs.  Fun stuff.  Our camp was definitely the place to be!


Speaking of thank-yous, as we like to say, “It takes a lot of work to have all this fun"...with that in mind, an endless array of “Thank You” shout-outs go out to all the phenomenal people who dedicated so much time and effort to make this shoot not only possible, but a big success.  Your efforts are GREATLY appreciated by all.  THANK YOU!!!


And a very special shout-out to our very own Dave Sypher, who dedicated his entire week helping to ensure the trap machines were working smoothly, throwing targets in accordance with the rule book, as well as doing whatever he could to make the competition as fabulous as possible.  A great trapshooter himself, Dave was not able to shoot this competition, but he didn’t let that stop him from being there for everyone else.  Thank you, Dave! Thanks for being one of our shining stars!


Now, on to a list of those either from our camp, and/or from Gig Harbor, who are proudly, and well deservedly, taking home trophies:


Tommy Kushima – Hawaii Champion of Champions - 93/100


Barbara Ross – Hawaii Ladies Champion of Champions - 81/100


John Mullins – Event 1, Singles - 100/100


Zach Keller – Event 3, Doubles – B Class - 96/100


John Mullins – Event 3, Doubles – AAA/AA Class - 99/100


Art Fenton – Event 5, Singles – Senior Vet/Elder - 100/100


Grant Lau – Event 8, Handicap – Veteran - 94/100


Rich Evans – Event 9, Doubles – AA Tied for Runner-up – 97/100


Tommy Kushima – Event 10, Handicap – Tied for Elder - 95/100


Rich Evans – Events 11 & 13, Championship Singles – Veteran – 199/200


Le Rodenberg – Events 11 & 13, Championship Singles State/Provincial Team – A Class


Jordan Hara – Event 12, Handicap – 19-20.5 Yards - 96/100


Lori Hara – Event 12, Handicap – Lady Runner-up – 90/100


John Mullins – Event 12, Handicap – 27 yards - 96/100


Zach Keller – Event 15, Championship Doubles – B Class Runner-up - 96/100


Tommy Kushima - Event 15, Championship Doubles - Elder - 92/100


John Mullins – Event 15, Championship Doubles – AA Class - 98/100


Rich Evans - Events 11,13,15 & 16 High All Around - Veteran - 384/400


John Mullins - Events 11,13,15 & 16 High All Around - AAA Class - 388/400


CONGRATULATIONS, CHAMPS!!  May your trophies serve as inspiration throughout the coming year.


Mark your calendars now for next year's event!  See you there!