2014 Election Results

THANK YOU, to all candidates, for your dedication to Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club!  Your willingness to step up to the plate and offer to serve is greatly appreciated.


The votes have been counted, the tallies complete and the results for the 2014 election are:


Dick Barnes - 78 Votes

Board Position:

Terry Holm - 67 Votes - Elected for 3-year term.

Jim Gough - 58 Votes - Elected for 3-year term.

Bruce Macdonald - 55 Votes - Elected for 1-year term.

Tim Anable - 49 Votes

Andy Coster - 39 Votes


Thanks to Buck Buchanan for providing his famous beans for dinner, and thank you to all who brought a dessert. Special thanks to Debbie Cupernall, Teresa Rebo and John Mullins for doing the tedious task of counting the votes!  Also, thanks to committee members Linda Gough, Darline Sypher, and Doug Tenzler for their work in making this a well-attended event.  Finally, thank you to all members who participated in the election and attended the Annual Meeting. Your participation is most important.


John Cheyney


Election Chairman