2013 PITA Grand Pacific

2013 PITA Grand Pacific Trapshooting Tournament

What do you get when you combine 7 days of mostly perfect weather, 300 plus trapshooters (along with family and friends) from Nevada, Hawaii, California, Idaho, Oregon, British Columbia, Washington, Alaska and Colorado, 1,600 P.I.T.A. registered targets (plus special events), and buckets of fun and fellowship?  Answer: The 2013 Grand Pacific Trapshooting Tournament, held for the 82nd year in Littlerock, Washington July 21st to 27th, 2013.


All ages were represented during this fun-filled, jam-packed week.  Ranging from one darling rookie, who at 10 years old will knock your socks off with his talent and level of skill, as well as win your heart, to the beloved 93 year old who makes many half his age shake their head in wonderment and amazement at his abilities, to those whom do not let living in a wheelchair rob them of their love of the sport…they were all there.


All shooting abilities were represented as well, with scores ranging all along the spectrum, from missing more targets than hitting to never missing even one target.  All attempts were appreciated and admired.


Gig Harbor was well represented, with our very own Grant Lau completely cleaning up!  He was like Mr. Clean on steroids! Grant started right out of the gate, shooting a perfect 100 in the first event, Singles, winning the Veteran classification.  He then went on to shoot 94 out of 100 in Event 6, Handicap, tying Mike Rinard of Post 4 Sport Glasses in the Veteran classification (thanks for helping us see those targets better, Mike!).


Grant then again worked his magic in Event 12 (truly skill…no magic wand will help...some of us have tried!  Then again, some swear by their lucky polka dot socks!), winning Veteran classification shooting 96 out of 100 in Handicap, then Event 15 shooting 97 out of 100 in Doubles, followed by Event 16 shooting 95 out of 100 in Handicap and finished up the week by winning AAA Class in High All Around, shooting 388 out of 400 targets AND Veteran High Over All for Events 5 through 16 combined, shooting 1136 out of 1200 targets.


Whew!  That is an IMPRESSIVE performance!  Way to go Grant!  We are proud to have you in our ranks.


As if that was not enough, Grant was also the AAA Class member of the Washington State team which won the State Team Championship, competing against teams from all other P.I.T.A. states.  Other members of the winning State Team, from around Washington State, were AA Class member Jon Thompson, A Class member Dave McCallum, B Class member Doug Reimers, C Class team member Jim Bradbury and D Class team member Ernie Techman.  The Washington team beat the best of the best from all states represented by P.I.T.A.  Way to go!!  Washington ROCKS!


Grant was not the only Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club member who walked away with a smile and a trophy.  Our very own President, Le Rodenberg, smoked Event 2, Handicap, blasting 95 out of 100 targets, winning the Veteran classification, and Art Fenton smoked 100 out of 100 in Event 7, Singles, taking home the win in the Sr. Vet/Elder category.  Congratulations, Le and Art!!


To add to the fun, the Gig Harbor camp had the pleasure of hosting champion shooters, and family, from the lovely state of Hawaii. Not only did our friends from Hawaii bring their A Game, they also brought fresh fish and AMAZINGLY delectable vittles, treating us with endless delights from their favorite recipes and goodies from the islands.  To say they completely spoiled us would be an understatement!  Thank you so much, Hawaii friends.


Our friends from Hawaii were equally adept on the shooting range as in a chef’s apron as two of the three shooters were Hawaii State Champions and the third shot champion scores while here.  Winning a shoot-off to win a tie, Carl Tanabe, with parents Todd and Tammy cheering him on, cleaned up in Event 10, Handicap, shooting 99 out of 100.  Carl also tied for Class B in Event 7, Singles, blasting 98 out of 100 targets.  Way to go, Carl!


Head grandeur chef, Tommy Kushima, was one target away from winning Champion of Champions of all states combined, after a shoot-off with Derek Whitten of Nevada and Jacob Womble of California, following his Hawaii State Champion win. Tommy, you are always THE number one winner in our book! 


And representing the Ladies, Barbara Ross came in third in Ladies Champion of Champions, blasting 93 out of 100 targets, following her Hawaii State Lady Champion Runner-up win.  Congratulations, Barbara!  We couldn’t be happier for you.


To wrap things up, our shooting friends from Hawaii also came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd for Hawaii in Event 14, Handicap. 


Thanks to our Hawaii friends for coming over and blessing us with your presence during this fun-filled week.  Having you there made an already fun event even more special! 


Apart from the shooting competitions and delightful dinners at the Gig Harbor camp, we were also treated to a Hawaii Alumni party, where all those who have attended the Hawaii State shoot over the years gathered to exchange stories, reminisce and plan next year’s trip. 


Friday night was a Shooter Appreciation BBQ where we were treated to perfectly prepared tri-tip, with sharpshooter Ray Thomas at the grill, while lovely Leslie Thomas ensured everyone was happy and well fed.  Thanks for your hard work, Ray and Leslie!


Thanks go out also to ALL of the hard working volunteers who work tirelessly all year long in order to make this event happen.  Your efforts and dedication are GREATLY appreciated!


As the week wrapped up, many who camp/rv on site already reserved their spot for next year’s Grand…that’s an indication of how much this event is looked forward to all year.  Plan on joining us!  You have plenty of time to sharpen your trapshooting skills, or just come for the fun and fellowship.  Either way you are sure to not be disappointed.