2012 Mike Levanger Memorial Turkey Shoot

2012 Mike Levanger Memorial Turkey Shoot

The first annual Mike Lavanger Turkey Shoot was a huge success!  Trapshooters turned out in record numbers to celebrate the memory of Mike, shoot for their Thanksgiving turkey and kick off the holiday festivities with friends, family, and fellow shooting enthusiasts.


It was November in Washington so, as could be predicted, there was a bit of rain to deal with but it didn’t stop over 36 squads from braving the weather and giving it their best.  A little extra gun cleaning was well worth the fun of participating!  Come Thanksgiving, many, many tables will be adorned with evidence of their efforts with over 75 turkeys and 74 game hens having been given away as prizes.  


Those who chose to not shoot could try their luck at winning a turkey by purchasing a circle on a splatter card, which was then shot by one of the club’s marksman. The circle on the card with the most holes following the shoot walked away with a turkey for their enjoyment.  One dollar bought a circle...what a bargain for the winners!  Over 19 splatter cards with 20 circles each were sold by Madison Cheyney, who did a phenomenal job and brought smiles to the faces of many.


Overall, the event was masterfully run, with so many volunteers to thank for their tireless efforts, ensuring a good time was had by all.  Event organizers, John Cheyney and Tom  Lovrovich, outdid themselves.  Range Master, JB Shattuck along with Range Officers Billy Aas, Dave Sypher, Joel Messing, Pete Mitchell and Rufus Clark kept things running smoothly, while a whole host of other volunteers including Bob Wallin, Bruce Macdonald, Carolyn Nicodemus, Darline Sypher, Grant Lau, John Fowler, Le Rodenberg, Madison Cheyney, Mason Shattuck and Robbie Shattuck all worked diligently and with sharpshooting precision to make the event as fun and successful as it was.


Many thanks go out to our amazing group of volunteers!  Next time you see of those mentioned please be sure to personally give them a special “thank-you!” to let them know their efforts are appreciated.


Many thanks as well to Gig Harbor Safeway for passing on enough savings to make purchasing so many turkeys and game hens possible.


Be sure to plan on attending this event next year.  See you there!