Clay Target Nitty-gritty


The objective is to break four clays and a neutral clay before your opponent can break the neutral clay target. The four clays will be in various orders and sizes, but will be the same target array for all participants. You cannot break the neutral clay before you have broken all four clays on your side of the target array.

If you break the neutral clay before you have broken your four clays that point is given to your opponent. If you shoot before the “Fire” command is given and you break a clay, that point will be given to your opponent. If you break the clay targets on your opponent’s side of the neutral clay, those points are given to your opponent.


Competitors must be 12 years of age or older, or able to demonstrate to the match director, that they are capable of handling and shooting a firearm in a safe manner.

Any participant not familiar with the rules of competition or of the GHSC should check in with the match director or a range officer before the match begins.   All first time Clay competitors will receive a safety briefing before the match.

Firearms may be of any standard caliber up to .45 caliber. Barrel length is limited to 10”. The match director, at his discretion, may ban a participant from competing in the match if the firearm a participant proposes to compete with is at odds with the spirit and intent of the competition.

Reloaded ammunition is permitted. Magnum loads and loads that are judged by the match director to be too powerful and may cause possible damage to the target or other equipment or to the range are not allowed.

If you experience a misfire, you may reload the same round and try again. However, you may not replace that round with another good round. In other words “you can only shoot the five rounds you brought to the line.

Participants may NOT intentionally shoot at any of the clays on an adjacent array of clay targets.


We currently use four categories for the competition:

 “Limited – Optics” is any caliber firearm larger than a 22 with optics. 

“Limited – Iron Sights” is any caliber firearm larger than a 22 using only iron sights.

 “Open” is for 22 caliber firearms with iron sights or optics.

An FTF category is for any shooters who have won the competition Fewer Than Five times.  It’s voluntary.  New shooters may choose to compete in the FTF category or a standard one.

A separate category for “Ladies” is also used when there are enough female shooters who wish to participate in the Ladies category.

However, participants will compete against each other without regard to category.  Category is only considered in determining winners.

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