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Hello to all my fellow Rifle, Pistol, and shotgun (Trap & Continental) shooters my name is Buck Buchanan.   I grew up as an Air Force service Brat moving from Alaska to South Carolina to finally settle for a while in Southern Illinois.  Home to great rabbit, squirrel, bird Hunting, and great River/Lake fishing Illinois introduced me to the whole range of Rod & Gun adventures.  
I joined the Marine Corps 6 days after High School graduation. Marksmanship and weapons handling was something that I loved and came easy.   Out of 5 years Active Duty spent 2 years 11 months Deployed, Floating or flying the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Mediterranean or North Seas.  I saw the world Thanks to the Corps.
I transitioned to Civilian life as a Cross Country Truck Driver for 3 years operating in all 48 states pulling hazardous loads flatbed and Specialized trailers. 
I worked for the Department of Navy for 35 years operating a large Naval Conventional Weapons Storage & Shipping Facility specializing in Ship & Submarine loading of Conventional Weapons.  Temporarily worked in Guam, Okinawa, Australia, Hawaii, Arctic and various Asian Bases moving conventional weapons and ordnance to theaters and back to the USA. I retired in 2014.  
My Board experience comes from being part of the Kitsap 911 Memorial Committee, which acquired 2 large Beams from the wreckage of the World Trade Center and brought them to the Evergreen Memorial Park in Bremerton.  This 3 year project entailed fund raising, design, transportation, erection and dedication of the Memorial.
Buck Buchanan

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“To provide a facility and organization that safely, enjoyably, and economically allows our members, guests, and our community to participate in the shooting sports and fellowship of the Club.”