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Members $2.00

Non-Members $5.00

The Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club encourages all members of the community to participate in an archery experience, from individuals to families, schools and churches, fraternal organizations and the scouting community.  Membership is not required.  If you need bows and arrows, we have them available for loan while you are on the premises.

Age Restriction

Permission to shoot at the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club venue is at the discretion of the Range Officer.  We encourage participants of all ages, but those incapable of handling the equipment in a safe and sane manner will not be allowed on the firing line.  Anyone under the age of 18 must be supervised by a parent or designated adult.

Target Placement

Targets are available for bows having a draw weight of more than forty five pounds at ten yard increments, starting with ten yards and ranging to sixty.  These targets may not be moved.

Targets for bows at lesser draw weights are available in various yardages, and may be moved either by the Range Officer or the participant with the Range Officer’s approval.

We also have Hurricane targets for compound bow archers, to to 70 yards.  

Safety Rules

  • The Archery Range may be used only for the purpose it was designed and intended.
  • No Metal targets will be permitted on the archery range.
  • Broadhead equipped arrows are prohibited.
  • Crossbows are not allowed at the range.
  • All archers must retrieve their own arrows.  This is permitted only after a ‘cease fire’ call has been issued.  Archers are encouraged to retrieve any arrows encountered and return it to the rightful owner.  The purpose of this is to decrease retrieval time, allowing more time on the shooting line.  All archery equipment must remain in its stand until the ‘firing line is open’ command is given.
  • No arrow may be nocked (attached to the bow string) until the firing line has been declared open by the Range Officer.  Any arrow nocked when a cease fire is called may NOT be fired and must be immediately removed from the bow string and the arrow returned to the appropriate receptacle.
  • Only traditional archery equipment (long bows or recurve bows) may be used when shooting at aerial targets.  Compound bows are not allowed.
  • Only arrows designed for aerial archery use (AKA “flu flu” arrows) may be used.
  • Each shooter is required to observe and comply with all range safety rules.  Archers are and will be held responsible for their actions.  Those that abuse this privilege will be asked to leave and will be banned from further participation.
  • Keep all arrows pointed down range when nocked.
  • No archer will proceed down range until advised to do so.
  • No archer shall nock their arrow until the firing line is open.  Nocked arrows that have not been released before the firing line is closed shall be removed from the string and placed in a suitable container.
  • Individuals that have never shot a bow and arrow may only do so under the direct supervision of an instructor.
  • Shooters must leave the archery area as clean as or cleaner than they found it.
  • No had or straw bales will be used at any time.
  • No arrows shall be aimed any higher than the top of the intended target backstop.  Persons observed ignoring this rule will be asked to leave the archery range and barred from further archery privileges.
  • The use of alcohol or any intoxicant immediately prior to or during any shooting venue at the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club is expressly forbidden!

Safety of our archers, other persons using the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club facilities and our neighbors is an absolute.  Decisions made by the range officer are final and not open to further discussion.