Ammunition Policy

The purpose of the Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club Ammunition Policy is to do everything possible to ensure that unapproved shotgun ammunition is not shot at the Club. The maximum size shot allowed is # 7 1/2, 1 1/8 oz. maximum, 2 ¾” Shells only, and no Magnum Loads.

Gig Harbor Sportsman's Club Ammunition Policy

  • All Ammunition will be inspected at each Shotgun Venue, – before it is used. The inspection will be performed by the Range Officer on Duty, or another qualified shotgun range officer designated for the purpose.
  • Non-members are not permitted to shoot reloaded ammunition – they must shoot factory shells.
  • Members will have the privilege of shooting reloaded ammunition, after signing a Shotgun Ammunition Declaration. Expired membership voids the privilege.
  • The Shotgun Ammunition Reloading Declaration will be signed in the presence of a qualified Range Officer, who will reiterate this policy.
  •  A Shotgun Ammunition Reloading Declaration must be approved by a qualified Range Officer, and on file, before the member is allowed to shoot reloaded ammunition.
  • When the Shotgun Ammunition Reloading Declaration is approved, it will be filed and the member’s name added to a master list – which will be available for future reference by all Range Officers, Cashiers, Venue Chairpersons, Officers, and Directors.
  • The Shotgun Ammunition Reloading Declaration will describe what ammunition is allowed, the requirement to immediately surrender up to three shells for inspection upon the request of a Club Official or Range Officer, and the consequences for having unapproved ammunition in their possession. The shells to be surrendered will be selected by the Official or Range Officer requesting the samples and placed in a bag bearing the member’s name.
  • Ammunition samples will be inspected by two individuals. The member may also be present. The inspection may or may not be performed immediately after samples are requested, and if not the member will be notified before the inspection takes place.
  • Shells that do not contain an overwhelming majority of # 7 ½ or smaller size shot will be deemed unapproved.
  • Any member found in possession of unapproved ammunition is subject to disciplinary action. The privilege to shoot reloaded ammunition will be suspended pending review by the Board of Directors. Disciplinary action, up to and including, lifetime revocation of membership without refund and banishment from the club can result.
  • Reloading components are sold only to members.

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“To provide a facility and organization that safely, enjoyably, and economically allows our members, guests, and our community to participate in the shooting sports and fellowship of the Club.”