25 Straight Hat Shoot

Trapshooting, shot in rounds of 25, is a challenging sport. Those who achieve the coveted milestone of shooting all 25 clays in a round, for the first time, are treated to a long-standing tradition of having their hat shot by all trapshooters who are at the club at the time. This writer was not able to find the origin of this long-standing tradition, so don’t ask why! However, it’s always a fun, celebratory event (even though it’s not great for the hat). Typically the “ventilation” added to the hat makes it no longer wearable, so the best advise is to wear a hat you don’t mind never wearing again if you are close to achieving this milestone yourself. Rather, wear something that you don’t mind sacrificing, for the benefit of the celebration. Next time you are at Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club take a peek at the rafters in the clubhouse to see an interesting array of 25 straight hats. Then set your sights on getting your hat included!

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